Every time we rehearse, we record at least five different jams that could make great songs. It’s usually just us that just jam and jam and jam, and then Anthony starts dancing round to one of the jams and tells us that that’s got to be a song, and then we think about what the next section should be like. Writing songs comes very naturally. It’s not hard at all. Like I said, we just jam and the songs come out of it. We actually come up with way more material than we would need to come up with ( for an album ). So then we generally just leave it up to Anthony to tell us which pieces of music he feels should be taken further into finished song form.” 

- John Frusciante.

Fact-Check: No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Support the 2nd Amendment - Breitbart
Fact-Check: No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Support the 2nd Amendment

According to her own written accounts she apposes the 2nd Amendment and has even said she would consider a Australian approach to gun control. Bitch can have my bullets one at a time in fast succession.

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Alex Jones on show all like "Them goblin vampires are turnin' the friggin' frogs gay with fluoride!!"

Im gonna kermit tax evasion ~trump

Right Hand Man
  • aaron burr:i have a ton of experience and i have lots of military strategies and suggestions on how we can improve our armies to defeat the british
  • washington:um ok
  • hamilton:yo i have my ego and like four friends
  • washington:YOU'RE HIRED!