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So I try not to send prompts often cause I know you get a lot; but anyhow: In the Senator Skywalker universe could we see Obi-Wan meet some of his friends again? It'll be awkward, no doubt, but he didn't really have anyone else at the Temple. And he doesn't have anyone now.

“Sir?” Anakin looked up from the tv and turned fully to Obi-Wan, giving the other his full attention. Obi-Wan rarely asked for anything and when he did, Anakin did his best to accommodate the former slave.  “Yes Obi-Wan?”

“I was just…I mean…” The copper haired man shifted his eyes to Anakin’s chin. “Your mother, she’s not here, is she…”

“Oh, she lives on Naboo, not my apartment on Coruscant.” Anakin chuckled softly. “Its peaceful and soothing. She enjoys an apartment there, tends to a garden and lives a peaceful and quiet life after the lives we came from.” He smiled a bit. “Padme often visits her when on Naboo and so do I. I’m welcome on the planet and when I’m busy I send holos.”

Obi-Wan blinked at that then smiled softly. “So you…take care of her?”

“I guess. She could sell her plants if she wanted, she’s very good with green things, makes them grow with ease.” Anakin hummed.

“…Is she Force sensitive just like you?” The other whispered and Anakin chuckled. “I couldn’t pass that by you could I. Yes, she is, not as much as I am but she is.” Anakin stepped towards Obi-Wan and plucked a picture of a shelf, holding it out to him.

Elegant hands accepted it to peek at, catching view of Anakin holding around a brunette with a pretty smile if tired face.

“Oh…She has a nice smile.”

“She does. She raised me alone.” Anakin smiled down at it. “When I was nine we had a pod race. I made a bet with my owner at the time, I could build a pod out of the junk he couldn’t sell and win the podrace, the Bonta eve classic. No human had ever won it. Until I did.”

Obi-Wan blinked at that and looked up, meeting Anakin’s eyes full on. “What did you even…bet?”

“I bet him something he wanted. My co-operation. I told him if he sold me from mom or visa verse, I wouldn’t put up a fuss. I would sit quietly by and let it happen. I think he was kind of scared of me, because of my Force ability I could make things…happen when I got upset. He didn’t want to lose profit if I had to be shot down.” Anakin stared at the image. “But Watto was also fond of us. I don’t think he would have agreed to the bet if he wasn’t fond of us. He was also greedy, mom wasn’t…useful for him, I was.” Anakin sighed deeply and Obi-Wan hesitated before placing the framed picture back on the shelf and taking the others wrist, squeezing them gently in comfort.

The blond blinked before smiling, talking to Obi-Wan about his past wasn’t as painful as it could have been. “Now, dinner. Or was there anything more?”



Obi-Wan nervously stepped out of the speeder and glanced up at the temple before looking back at the blond for assurance.

“Do you want me to come with you Obi-Wan?” Anakin slid out of the speeder too, his guards grumbling about having to sit in the back since Anakin had wanted to drive.

“I…please?” Obi-Wan knew he should boldly go forward but this was not…he was scared.

So much had happened in so little time and things had moved forward with him gone. He was scared and he wasn’t even sure this was the best idea.

The blond just smiled gently at him and slid around the speeder to stand by the copper haired man. “Of course Obi-Wan, all you have to do is ask. You’re here to see Yoda yes? Tea with an old man as he said?”

The former slave gave a small smile and nodded before he started walking up the stairs.

He remembered walking down these many years ago, to board a cruiser that took him towards Bandomeer.

This time he was not leaving, he was returning.

To his surprise, he didn’t feel like an intruder, he felt like he was coming home.

Against his senses he felt other Force sensitive, brushing against him, some curious as they noticed him and Senator Skywalker. At the great Halls doors Yoda greeted them, the old man giving them a small smile. “Welcome Senator. With us you are coming?”

“Obi-Wan wanted some support.” Anakin nodded. “I hope you don’t mind?”

“Friends of Obi-Wan, friends of the temple are.” The grandmaster had his chair float along, leading them through the halls. Every turning corner was a reminder to Obi-Wan, of a home he had lived in and that still welcomed him.

There was a small group of Jedi in the hallway, leaning over a pad that showed the days newsfeed from what Obi-Wan could tell. They seemed to be exchanging hurried whispers.

Two humans, one with a yellow stripe across his face that niggled the back of Obi-Wan’s mind. A Dressellian and a Mon Calamari.

Obi-Wan feet froze and he stared at them, blinking slowly. “…Bant?”

The Mon Calamari’s head snapped up and stared at him in return, both yer eyes slowly widening as her Force sense brushed out against his. And then she was there, right in front of him, lifting him of his feet with strong arms wrapped around his waist, smelling of all to familiar salt and sea as Obi-Wan clung to her shoulders for support. “OBI-WAN!”

Her cry echoed of the walls and caught attention and Obi-Wan couldn’t find it in him to care as he clung to her in return, his hands digging into her tunic as he could never get enough of that salt and ocean smell that once had meant safety and laughter for him.

That smell had meant his friend.

And then the other three were there too and Obi-Wan lifted his head to stare at the hopeful Dressellian. “…Reeft?”

“Hey there Obi-Wan.” The other hesitated a bit before pulling Obi-Wan from Bant’s arms and closing him his. A warm soothing sensation against his mind also enclosed Obi-Wan and he closed his eyes, tucking in closer, actually wanting the contact for the first time in so long.

“Gotta say, the beard suits you Obi-Wan.” A faux cheerful voice offered and Obi-Wan tilted his head to look at the two humans, his mind fighting the memories for clarity. “Garen. Quinlan.” They both grinned in response even as Obi-Wan stayed right where he was in Reeft arms.

“Welcome in the temple you always were Obi-Wan. Believe me now you do?” Yoda chuckled quietly, watching how the former friends clung to their newfound one.

“We thought you were dead Obi-Wan. You have no idea how much it does us well to see you’re not.” Bant offered, staring at him as if Obi-Wan was some kind of Force blessed creature. It made him flush and hide a bit against Reeft.

“I-I’m not…I mean I can’t be…”

“Obi-Wan, we don’t care that you’re not the child we remembered. We care that you’re alive.” Garen crossed his arms over his chest. “And we’d like to get to know the person you became. If you’d let us that is.”

Obi-Wan blinked and then smiled shyly at him, nodding slowly. “I…that…that would be nice?”

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What would be the chances of iKon and BTS getting drawn together haha. I'm not requestion tho. ~patato girl

ikon and bts drawn together? naah because well that would be pretty akward since they aren’t friends lmao

but here is a a drawing of Hanbinou (Hanbin) and Chanchan (Chanwoo) bc I rlly wanted to draw them, I love them so much im gonna cry

but yeah i don’t think i will redraw them bc I love chara design soooo much, but it takes time so yeaaaaahh

Kaisoo <3

I wanted to make something to show everyone why i ship Kaisoo like there’s no tomorrow.

  1. Gaze
  2. How they care for each other
  3. Skinship
  4. How they play around like kids
  5. Sexual tension

Sooo let’s begin:

1. Gaze

Seriously, look at how they stare at each other. It’s like they can’t see anything else exept the other.


Their looks are so strong and intense, as if they were alone in their own little world

Perv Soo, who wants a piece of little Jonginnie.

Just look, Kyungsoo is staring lovingly at Kai’s perfect face, and then he remembers that there’s a camera, and greets the audience embarassed.

This is a photo of their wedding, with their bitchy best men.

Kai is intently gazing at Kyungsoo, who doesn’t pay attention at what he’s saying at all, he’s looking at Kai’s plump and sexy lips. It’s obvious he wants to kiss him. He even gets closer to him..

Just Kai stalking his lover, waiting for Soo to notice him.

Even if there are the other members, it doesn’t matter, they are in their own world, made of sex, rainbows and fluffy unicorns (not Lay lol)

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You know what's akward? When your friend texts you to let you know that she just masturbated for the first time. Literally a "Hey, wanna know what I just did? I fingered myself for the first time! :)" And even more akward, when another friend does the same thing months later. Apparently, I'm the kinda person people think about after masturbating for the 1st time lmao

youre sending this to the wrong person one time my friends and i made a competition out of who could get themselves off to the crazy bus song faster (i got 2nd place which i think is ideal for my dignity) so yeah that doesnt sound the least bit awkward for me