It took me much longer to finish than I would have liked, but here’s my first submission for the Kingdom Hearts Zine coordinated by kh-worldsconnected

Honestly, if you told me that I would be writing something that is both AkuVen and AkuRoku just a few months ago, I would have called you crazy: I haven’t been too big on AkuRoku for a long time now, and have been leaning more towards LeaIsa/AkuSai as of late. Despite all of that, the inspiration hit, and I think that this turned out pretty well! 

I hope that you enjoy reading this more than I enjoyed the months that went into writing it!

Fandom(s): Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Ventus/Roxas, Lea/Axel, Isa/Saix
Ship(s): AkuVen/AkuRoku
Trigger Warning(s): N/A
Word Count: 2,627

The first time that he sees him, something strange flutters in his chest.

Perhaps the sensation is due to the fact that he’s never met a boy his age before that isn’t stalking him around the Worlds in an attempt to kill him. Maybe he’s flabbergasted by the teenager’s bright red hair and sparkling green eyes, so intense that they seem unnatural – as though fire breathes within them. For all he knew, it could have been those two, simple words in a cocky sort of voice that he had never heard before. Truth be told, Ven couldn’t tell you what it was about the other that fascinated him, but he was immediately awestruck.

It’s only when the boy next to him speaks that Ven even notices his presence. Whether he’s been so quiet and reserved in comparison to his companion or Ven was too wrapped up in the sight of the redhead is up for debate. “Lea, we don’t have time for this.”

Lea – his name is Lea – and Ven tucks the name of the boy with fiery hair, emerald eyes, and sunkissed skin away in his memory.

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