I realized something about majority of my ships...
  • <p> <b>Person A:</b> Charming, Intelligent, Can speak multiple languages, Straight A student<p/><b>Person B:</b> Loud, Obnoxious, Probably ate all the candy in the jar then guessed zero, Mega dork and proud<p/><b></b> But also...<p/><b>Person B:</b> Compassionate, Scary threat when provoked, Very chill when mellow, Keeps things bottled up and fakes smiles to get through the day, Very tol<p/><b>Person A:</b> Standoffish, High and mighty complex, Angry at everything and everyone, Cries at everything, Emotionally stunted due to tragic past, Very smol but will fight you<p/></p>

I started these last year and I found them again, so I decided to finish them because they were so close to done and their shirts still make me laugh, even tho the jokes are extremely stupid.

Some uncalled for @mallverse​ incorrect ship names, now featuring tsum buddies because damn they cute (Saix is my favorite; he’s so ANGRY)

psst - click the pics for the bad jokes if you dare

Did you ever spend four days lazily coloring in the background of a drawing with a black gel pen because you’re committed to a piece’s Aesthetic™, only to remember 2/3 of the way through that you have a brush pen, and not just any brush pen, but the same exact brush pen you used to lineart the drawing in the first place, and that just filling in the background with that would have been infinitely easier? No? Just me? 

 Anyway, this was supposed to be one of those cliche “day and night” type things, and I thought it would be neat to try and replicate these drawings in their hair, but it just turned out looking like they had terrible dreadlocks, which is definitely not what I was going for.