Dark Month, Day 30 -- we’re somethin’ strange (in your neighborhood)
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Title: we’re somethin’ strange (in your neighborhood) [Ao3]
Pairing/Characters: Axel/Roxas/Reno, Itachi/Shisui, Zack/his harem
Rating: M
Summary: “So, you really aren’t a child predator, huh?” Roxas pants, brushing sweat off his brow. The smile that Axel flashes him is sharper than usual, jagged teeth gleaming white against the red of his lips. “You’re all children to me,” he purrs, leaning down to pick a rock off the ground and bashing the nearest zombie in the head.

A/N: This fic keeps spawning words, so it is now a chapter fic. Yay?

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Special Discount - Kingdom Hearts

Author: Blue Funk

Nr of Chapters: 10

Rating: M

Status: Finished

Type: Humor, Romance

Pairings: AkuRoku, SeiferHayner, AkuRokuReno, mentions of RokuNaminé, RokuSora, AxelTifa, and other pairings that aren’t relevant.

Summary: Roxas blinked down at the pile. A discounted pack of lighters, condoms, and… a box of Twinkies. This guy undoubtedly had excellent taste. AkuRoku

Review: I just finished this some minutes ago, and I completely loved it. Huge chapters, a lot of plot, and plus, Roxas and Axel. And slurpees. And Otakon. There’s a filler chapter in here containing AkuRokuReno [my first time ever reading something with these three], and blimey, I was completely delighted by it!! Thank you Blue Funk for taking my ARR virginity!! It’s the first time I’m reviewing a fic like this, so bear with me if it isn’t to your standards. Happy reading!