Șħε birthed the ЄƔƖԼ that became seven ÑЇζĦτMÆҐEŠ

First Episode — The Witch Eve Moonlit
Dance With คŞ๓໐໓ēนŞ — Duke Sateriasis Venomania
Bєєℓzєвυв Party — Baron Banica Conchita
Lυƈιϝҽɾ’s Princess — Princess Riliane Lucifen D’Autriche
Bєʅƥɦʌʛơɾ’s Gift — Lady Margarita Blankenheim
Lε√ïąŧɧąŋ Slope — Miss Kayo Sudou
๓ค๓๓໐ຖ’s Court — Judge Gallerian Marlon
Säẗän̈’s Revenge — Codename: Eight, Nemesis Sudou

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We’re back for a round 2!

This March 16, the novel adaptation of the final Seven Deadly Sins song, Muzzle of Nemesis, will be released. Like last time, when the Muzzle of Nemesis album came out, we’ll be holding a “Seven Deadly Days” countdown to celebrate!

Each day, starting from a week before release, will be dedicated to fanwork for a particular sin, in song release order, from Pride to Wrath.

In order,

  • Pride (March 10)
  • Gluttony (March 11)
  • Envy (March 12)
  • Lust (March 13)
  • Sloth (March 14)
  • Greed (March 15)
  • Wrath (March 16)

Any and all fanwork is welcome! You can submit it to this blog, @ us, or tag it #sevendeadlydays here or on twitter.

Have fun!

Reasons why mothy is the best author ever
  • He heterobaited his fans
  • He has a character who fell in love with a woman, he could have written her a lesbian. but he took his chance and made her pansexual instead.
  • Doesn’t understand women very well, yet he still writes great female characters.
  • Massive troll, but in way that leaves us exited rather than pissed.
  • Shits on stereotypes
  • Adorkable
  • He heterobaits I shouldn’t have to say many reasons
There’s two types of daughters

One’s like Michelle:

And there’s NemNem:

Tracklist for: Original Sin Story Full Version

From mothy’s twitter. Major props to nyafurpitou.

Prelude: Madame Merry-Go-Round

Act 1 Song 1: Queen of the Glass (Eve Zvezda)
Act 1 Song 2: Project [MA] (Eve Zvezda, Adam Moonlit, and Seth Twiright)
Act 1 Song 3: Escape of the Witch, Salmhofer (Meta Salmhofer)
Act 1 Song 4: moonlit bear (Eve Moonlit and Adam Moonlit

Intermission (Banned Song): Barrisol’s Child is an Only Child

Act 2 Song 1: Survival [MA] (Elluka Chirclatia, Irina Clockworker, Milky Eights, Ly Li)
Act 2 Song 2: The Miracle’s Whereabouts (Elluka Chirclatia//Levia)
Act 2 Song 3: Recollective Orgel/Musicbox (Kiril Clockworker - Sung by Luka/Elluka)

Act 3 Song 1: A Song Heard Somewhere (Irina Clockworker)
Act 3 Song 2: Abandoned on a Moonlit Night/Moonlit Abandonment Tale (Hansel and Gretel Moonlit)
Act 3 Song 3: Chrono Story (Elluka Clockworker, Hansel and Gretel Moonlit)