so I accidentally came up with an AU where Marinette has an older brother

His name is Anthony Dupain-Cheng. He is an aspiring photographer and sometimes takes pictures of items from the bakery to help make advertisements. He accidentally finds out about Ladybug but is super helpful with making excuses for why she needs to leave randomly. He also makes her coffee when he knows she was up late fighting an akuma. He and Marinette are very close but they get really competitive when it comes to video games. 

I just thought of something

What if a weaboo civilian is akumatized and starts transforming people into anime stereotypes? What if Ladybug finally gets hit for once? 

What if she’s transformed into some lovestruck waifu material delivering all those cheesy lines (”Do you want dinner? A bath? Or maybe… Me?”) and CHAT IS THE OBJECT OF HER AFFECTION??? And what if he feels in heaven at first because she seems to finally return his feelings but Ladybug is so painfully out of character that after a split second reality washes over him aND HE JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE AND GETS LIKE “JESUS CHRIST  W H O  A R E  Y O U–

And never once Adrien had been in such a rush to defeat an akuma.

“Your time is up, Antibug,” Chronogirl announced dramatically, skating up to her opponent and coming to an abrupt stop.

“Wow,” Antibug sneered. “Very original. Isn’t that exactly what Dislocoeur said to you last time?”

Chronogirl nodded. “There aren’t too many ‘time’ puns.”

“Well, no matter what you have to say about time, you’re certainly wasting mine,” Antibug retorted. “Now let’s wrap this up!” She flung her yoyo, with the string in several loops that quickly wrapped around her opponent, tying her up and pulling her closer.

“Tag!” Chronogirl shouted out, reaching for her opponent. Antibug ducked, and Chronogirl narrowly missed.

Antibug jumped up to a streetlamp and secured the string of her yoyo. With a pull, Chronogirl wound up hanging from the streetlamp, completely tied up.

“I’m going to take you down along with all forty-four of those other idiots,” Antibug announced as Chronogirl yelled out and struggled to break free of the yoyo wire. “And also, for the record, there was a plot hole in your fight with Dislocoeur.”

“Oh, sorry, did I disrupt your fight?” Antibug heard Chronogirl’s voice saying. “Oh yikes, and you’re fighting that guy? Yeah, you’re going down. I don’t think I’m going to stick around for that.” Antibug looked up at her restrained opponent, who was saying nothing.

“All right, what are you playing at?” Antibug demanded.

“It’s simple, really,” Chronogirl replied. “I went back in time, using the energy I got from killing you. I just haven’t done it yet.”

Antibug frowned. “Isn’t that just a paradox that only works for plot convenience?”

And suddenly, Antibug found herself lifted in the air and thrown towards her restrained opponent, who tagged her gently. Antibug gasped as she found herself fading away.

“Yep,” the second Chronogirl said as she untied the first. “God, how I love plot convenience.”

Now that’s the biggest turnout we’ve ever seen for one of these—59 voters, beating the previous record of 52 from “Lady Wifi vs. Volpina”. Let’s keep the turnout up for the remaining fights!

If you’re new to the Showdown, check out “Mr. Pigeon vs. The Mime” if you want to fully understand what was going on with the time travel, and check out “Copycat vs. Antibug” if you want to know how Antibug was breaking the fourth wall.

I have to credit a couple of the time travel ideas to @whenimgoodandready, who had some very good suggestions!

One of today’s opponents has three villains at her command. The other can literally turn into a dinosaur. This is probably going to be a pretty dramatic fight. Let’s recap what these two have done so far:

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some thoughts below

please remake episode 12. Haru’s interaction with suicidal Tokaku is beautiful and very touching

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Imagine: post-reveal situation where Marinette and Adrien sneak into the same closet at school to hide before they transform back after an akuma attack. Marinette comes back to the classroom first, looking disheveled, but mostly put together. Adrien, however, just saunters in with a goofy, happy face before taking his seat next to Nino. It isn’t until everyone is in their seats that a smug Nino asks what shade of lip gloss Adrien is wearing on his lips and why it looks oh so familiar. Adrien, thinking fast, says it’s a shade that he liked that he’s modeled in a photo shoot before and Marinette and Adrien think they are in the clear. That is, until Nino suggests that Adrien work on his aim a bit because the lip gloss is all over his neck, too.

ok so the show pixie girl (which comes in 2017) is about a fairy and a young sorceror who saves new york city from an evil witch.

miraculous ladybug is a show about ladybug and chat noir protecting Paris from hogmawks (ik his name just a joke) akumas. 

so like imagine a crossover between these two shows / / they some how end up in the same world together hogmawk and the evil witch team up to create the most powerful akuma. ladybug , chat noir (possibly the other kwamis), pixie girl and the sorceror also team up to beat the shit out of them.  

ok i’m all on board with the jealous!adrien concept but only if it’s a subtle thing. what i mean is i would like to see him jealous of marinette but not in the way marinette was jealous of lila and not in the way chat was jealous of theo cause no matter how different they acted they still caused two akumas lol

i want him to feel something inside while seeing marinette being comfortable with someone else and asking himself “what is…. this weird feeling” and thinking “why is she not that chill with me what did i do?” and stuff like that to eventuallly realize that all of these repressed feelings were actually jealousy but he doesn’t do anything about it ya feel? like i just want him to accept that he likes her and try to goofly catch her attention instead of trying to ruin mari’s interaction with his possible “rival” and it ends there basically because he’s totally not a possessive guy and he wouldn’t be aggressive

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Nathanaël was on his was to see Adrien, happy that it was the day of the three month anniversary. He had a gift bag with a painting of them together inside. But on his way there, an akuma attacked the city and Nathanaël got in their way. He lay on the ground, bleeding from multiple wounds. He groaned, keeping Adriens present away from the blood. He lay there, shaking and quickly loosing blood. He looked up and saw who he thought was his boyfriend.



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[ARTY I HAD TO] That bit abt dragons is a fair point, honestly it's open bag, can't wait to see what it actually pops up as. But I took a second look and THE BLUE BUFF THING ON THE LEFT LOOKS LIKE THEY HAVE GORILLA MARKINGS SO??? I bet it's Gorilla, probs his akuma form, if he gets one?? [~bun anon]

Yeah, I really think it’s Gorilla. But I’m not sold on it being his akuma form.

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Nickname: Hal, ur pal

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Last thing googled: 5'5" new cm

Favorite music artists: TWENTY ONE PILOTS!!!, Fallout Boy, panic! At the disco, MGMT, Keane, etc. I could go on forever tbh…

Song stuck in your head: “Semi-Automatic” -tøp

Last movie watched: Star Trek Beyond! It was really good!!!

Last tv show watched: Akuma no Riddle ( @underghetti recommended it to me and it’s really good so far even though IVE BEEN ON THE FOUTH EPISODE FOREVER. WHY I AM I LIKE THIS)

What are you wearing right now: Shorts and a tank top because it is really fucking hot today

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the things we love destroy us every time

                                     - George R.R. Martin


So here’s a thing I did ages ago for the Spots and Claws Artbook project for Thomas Astruc. Now that it’s been sent off I can share it with you guys (YAAAAYYYYY)!!!

For new followers, this is my headcanon for Akuma!Ladybug, Black Widow. She uses a poison rope dart (not sure if you can see the black widow mark on that, but it’s there), and she turns people into akuma slaves with a kiss, so…

Also, sorry the colors are a little wonky, but printing, man.

You can’t purchase the book (we only made it for Astruc), but you can download the whole thing for free!! Tons of AWESOME people worked on it, so please check it out!!! You can also check out the blog for the project here.

Thanks to everyone who made this book possible!! I’m so excited for Astruc to get it ahhhhhhhhhhh

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