akuma no ko

Day 6: Favourite female character

Allright, I thought long and hard about this, and in the end the answer was simple, no matter how much I glared and twisted at it.

My favorite female character is Nico Robin

Because she’s an awesome strong character, with a deep past, lots of development and the most awesome twisted mind ever.

I’m a bit busy today, so I won’t be writing a long essay or spamming pics, but basically

This gal became an arceologist when she was frikkin EIGHT YEARS OLD. She’s the only person who can read the poneglyph, and when she met a giant she was too bamf to show interest. Her frikking island was destroyed along with all her friends and her mother when only just having met her after being separated for six years. She then became the youngest person to ever get a bounty, and spent twenty years, on the run, doing whatever she had to to survive.

Then she meets the Mugiwara, and bond with them, feeling so safe and trusted within the crew, she actually goes off to sacrifice herself and turn over to the world government. After twenty years on the run and going through every darn hellish thing, she gives in just like that, for the sake of her nakama.

And then there’s the awesome cases where she reassures that if Zoro was eaten, the clouds would turn red. And that a suiting name for the Sunny would be Darkness Pit. And that in the face of Kraken, a legendary seamonster, it’s a good time to bring out the sketch book. And that if her friends are kidnapped, it would be nice if they weren’t shot full of holes.

I’m just sayin’