Its sketchy but hey its finished. Shout out to that anon who sent me the link to this song,this is all because of you. I used a ton of references and screenshot redraws for this and I even copied some screenshots for this one panel ...I just love these kids so much


I’ve always liked the idea of Akuma!Mari being Black Widow, because it’s still a black and red bug (oh ho ho so tongue in cheek), and they kill their partners ooooohhhhh.

Btw her boots and gloves are black (leather), just made them grey for contrast.  I feel like she should have some kind of cataclysm-y style power but with venom because reasons. Like maybe one that turns her hand red or leaves a red handprint and then the toxins just bleed out from that… IDK.

PS headcanon where Chat is fighting Black Widow and he’s like where the hell is LB and BW is like “oh, your precious littleLadybug won’t be coming to save the day this time” and he’s like DDDD: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER

Also sorry about the watermark (tbh I don’t even like watermarking finished/painted pieces), but I’m really sick of filling out art theft reports, so *shrug* like idk why someone would steal a crappy sketch but people steal that Egypt LB all the time, so WATERMARK IT IS


In which I remind you all that Adrien is 15 in the most awful way possible: fledgling facial hair. 

Y’all know that Gabriel, assuming he is Hawkmoth, would use his powers for practical parenting. Too embarrassed to give your kid “The Talk”? Why not just akumatize Dan Savage and get him to do it for you?

You know what I want for MLB in the future?

I want another Copycat episode, but with Adrien.

I want Marinette to get asked out by Adrien, while Chat Noir is running around on the rooftops of Paris because he finally has a day off and there’s no school.

I want Chat Noir to see Marinette on the date with “Adrien” and realize that’s actually someone who has a crush on Marinette and became akumatized after she politely rejected their confession, then later found out she had a crush on Adrien.

I want there to be Marichat moments where Chat Noir has to find away to get her as far away from this imposter as possible so he can get the akuma, while also not revealing himself since he may have the day off, but he’s grounded for missing one to many photo shoots and has to stay home, so now is also being pursued by his bodyguard.

I want Chat Noir to have to be the one to tell Marinette that the Adrien she went out with today was actually a fake, and she didn’t actually get asked out by her crush.

I want him to see her visibly upset at the fact that not only did she fall for the akumas disguise, but that she is also upset at not being asked out by the real thing, just when she thought he was starting to notice her.

I want the akuma battle to go on with Ladybug much more serious during it, not even bothering with the first bump and just going straight home.

I want Chat Noir to watch Marinette from afar as she sulks on her rooftop balcony from not actually going on a date with her crush while trying to think of way to cheer her up, and still seeing her upset as Adrien when school comes back the next day and she’s slouched over her desk not looking at him.

I want Adrien to finally realize that Marinette genuinely likes him.

I want him to actually start noticing her.

And what better way to notice someone, than when they’re heartbroken over you?