From someone else:

If I stood in the middle of the street and yelled “let’s burn a building down” I could go to jail for inciting a riot but if I stood in the middle of the street and yelled “let’s kill every single black person” I’m just exercising my first amendment rights.

Welcome to liberal democracy, where property is of more value to our government than actual living people.

Hey, pagan friends, I had me a thought:

The correct people in Heathen circles (of which I am one) talk a lot about “reclaiming our faith,” since a lot of Germanic spiritual symbolism and language is also used by white supremacists; that talk has been motivated in large part by self-interest, since any reasonable person wouldn’t want to be associated with those assbags, but something occurred to me earlier today: It could also be an active offensive tactic.

A fun fact about the white nationalist movement is that there’s a *huge* religious schism inside of it; Odinists, atheistic National Socialists, and the Christian Identity people all cannot stand the sight of each other. If us Heathens–and I’m here using that as an umbrella term for every kind of non-Abrahemic spirituality with a vaguely Northern European flavor, from Asatru to druidry to certain tendencies of Wicca–did something no more substantial than try to be more vocal and visible talking about who we are and what we do, it could throw a wrench in their works, could hamper their solidarity.

I’m telling y'all to go out there and start blogs or YouTube channels or make memes or what the heck ever, take control of the narrative, and I think you could literally save lives.

from a comrade

Me: *posts about someone flying neo-Nazi flag in Memphis*

Comments: “that’s not a Nazi symbol! It’s German Army!”

Friends: “It was co-opted by neo-nazis. Here’s a link.” (x5)

Comments: “Maybe he doesn’t know! We don’t know him! Maybe he’s celebrating heritage!”


Me: “Clearly this is a Nazi, and he’s hiding behind a fake profile and threatening people. Here’s the landlord’s phone number if anyone wants to inform him that the resident flying the white supremacist flag is inciting violence.”

Comments: “Stop hate mongering! Freedom of speech! Go back to Nashville where you came from! Fucking commie!”


Trump imposes a temporary ban on refugees. Many are arriving at the airport, having already been en route to the U.S., thinking they had escaped the horror of war, only to be told they have to return to a place where everyone will know they tried to flee.

If you’re seriously going to stand up for freedom of speech for fascists right now, at a time when their freedom extends so far that they have the president of the United States acting on their behalf and condemning refugee families to violence and death, I have no time for you. Not for your shitty memes, not for the exhaustion of attempting to educate you, not for “just getting along”, nothing. You know what you’re doing. You know whose side you’re on. You either stand up to fascism, or you foster a climate in which it can thrive.

Because it’s coming out like weeds, and weeds don’t stay under control when you “don’t give them attention.” They don’t balance out and live quietly. If you don’t act against them, they spread until all the good things are choked out by the result of your indifference.

Now is not the time to be indifferent. We have to be intentional.