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ok but A King's Speech AU where Thorin has a stutter and Bilbo is his unconventional speech therapist. or maybe they're already married and Gandalf is the wacky teacher, idk. i just need the scene where someone says, "why should I waste my time listening to you?" and Thorin my smol son yells, "Because I have a voice!"

okay OKAY i love The King’s Speech, it’s one of my fave movies. i need Prince Thorin, single/unmarried whatever, his father Thrain unfortunately deceased, and his grandfather King Thror nearing the end of his life and struggling with dementia accompanied by mood swings. Bilbo is the unconventional Australian speech therapist that Princess Dis drags Thorin too, and ofc Bilbo is the snarkiest sassiest person Thorin’s ever met and literally doesn’t give even one fuck about Thorin’s rank, and ofc Bilbo is going to help him, and ofc they’re going to argue and test one another’s boundaries and limits but Bilbo’s going to learn something about the value of human relationships and Thorin’s going to find his own voice, and ofc they’re going to fall in love and Bilbo will be there when Thorin makes his first radio broadcast as King. aksjdkasd!!!!!!!