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Woah, you replied your question during a live chat!? That's soo cool, but I'm glad they said that they'd work together. Someone different would definitely be pretty great, it would cool to see them in like a different genre movie. But yeah I guess we'll just have to wait and see :)

Lol yeah, I was so happy! I even made a gifset from it (here). I am always imagining all kinds of stories for their upcoming movie, haha. We indeed have to wait and see :). It’s good to know there are other people who ship them and are eagerly waiting like me for them to make another movie together again :D

The Famous Dialogue from Namastey London

Hindi Version: “Ishq de mere mitra pehchaan ki, mit javay jadoon zid apnan di"

The recognition of love, my friend, is when the beloved destroys their stubbornness.

Punjabi Version: “Aise ishq ki kya pehchaan hogi mere dost jahan pyaar ko paane ke jid waqt ke saath khatam ho jaye… .. .”

What is the identity of love, my friend, when the stubbornness of obtaining, [my] friend/lover, is destroyed?

Urdu Version: “Ish ki, mere dost, pehchaan kya hai, mit jaaye jab, yaara, zid apnaane ki?”

What is the recognition of love, my friend, when the stubbornness of obtaining my friend/lover is destroyed?

sachhe pyaar ka matlab haasil karna nahi hota hai.

Love isn’t all about getting someone.

So basically he’s asking what the identity of one’s love will be if they give up the stubbornness to have someone for themselves. And love isn’t all about having someone for yourself. You don’t own them. If you let them freely, that means you understand the meaning of love, and your getting rid of your stubbornness to obtain and possess them.

SPOILERS if you haven’t seen these movies!

- Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006): Akki & Kat end up getting married.- Welcome (2007): Akki & Kat end up getting married.
- Namastey London (2007): Akki & Kat end up getting married.
- Singh is Kinng (2008): Akki & Kat end up getting married.
- Blue (2009): They ARE married.
- De Dana Dan (2009): They end up getting married (Obviously. They found the money, they rich, get married.)
- Tees Maar Khan (2010): A miracle! They’re only bf & gf, and they don’t get married! WOW!

The point of this post is to ask: Is this a frikin coincidence or what?!!! Every movie AkkiKat have done together has resulted in them getting married. Like, I just want to know if this is destiny. Like is it? hmm…

So I watched like a minute video with Akki & Kat when they were launching the Fimfare Anniversary Issue in 2010. So there was this part where they’re talking, and then Akshay’s like to the reporter:

You asked me what we were doing a while ago. *he holds up the magazine in his lap and shows it to them* Me and Katrina were drawing crows and flowers, or mainly Katrina.

Then Katrina gasps, and takes the magazine from Akshay and says to him that: These are not crows, Akshay! These are birds and hearts!

OMG! The cuteness. Anybody know where the eff I can find the whole interview? It’s the Filmfare 2010 issue one.. UGH!

Tees Maar Khan..Live Nonsense Commenting

OMG! Katrina’s cuteness!!

“Tabrez, why did you call me here?” …omg, she sounds so innocent!

“Pink. My favorite color. Can I call you Pinky?” The way she said, that, though! OMG! She sounded like a 8-year-old. OMG!

And the gay guys..lol…

Akki: “Take care of her [Anya]”
Gay Guys: “And who’ll take care of you?” (They look so concerned, holding his hand"
Akki: “She will [Anya]”

this movie might be dumb, but ti was hella cute! im gonna gif this omg! only if i can save the damn video.. >.<