I worried for just a minute that I wasn’t going to enjoy myself. That was before Rupert Friend shows up looking something like I’d imagine Legolas might, if he went to business school and woke up to find Gimli had shaved him bald in the middle of the night, picks up a briefcase full of firearms and goes on a silent killing spree.
—  review of Hitman: Agent 47, covering all the necessary bases

Self-Insert Weekend Garbage #1 out of ???

It’s not technically the weekend but I’ll be away until Sunday night and I have others to post so you get this one early. Jasper and Monty were an obvious choice, I’ve loved them both from day one; they’re both adorable dorks and I’m a slut for the friend-you-love-more-than-anything trope - and they’re both scientists! When I found out Jasper was a chemist I was like ‘!!!! it me!’ (I’m a Chemistry student at university at the moment)

Science with these two would probably be both hilarious and disastrous. I’d like to think my five years of extra training compared to them would come in handy, and we’d probably end up making meth or just blowing something up. Meth isn’t actually that hard.

I have a bunch more of these to finish, and if you want to do the self-insert thing yourself there’s a load of info at self-insert-archive C: and thanks to d0nna-ake for making me aware that this project existed!

ak-101 asked:

The only religious people I hate are the ones that are homophobic/racist and call personal things like masturbation and types of clothing "sins".

That’s how most people feel, religious or not.

ak-101 asked:

Every animation studio gets sued up the ass. No more cartoon movies. The US is forced to release dubbed anime films as full theatrical releases.

>And 90% of it is Harem shit

no thank you

oké, tényleg hiányzik. és akkor, mi van? minek mondjam? úgyse tudnak segíteni. igen, azt is tudom, mi a problémám. de ha elmondom olyan semmiségnek tűnik. talán az is. lehet, hogy csak én reagálom túl... hisz miért is fáj az embernek, ha a szíve egy részét a világ másikfelén hagyta?!