aks me if i give a shit


my Selina Kyle jacket gives me life

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[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
I pull up in the Wraith, hit the plug on the way
100k on the face, keeping Ms in the bank
AK by the waist, no I do not play
Get familiar with the money, déjà vu every day
She know I give and I go, she know I pick and I roll
I'mma drive her to the hole
I done came out the water, with the shits like I’m Flippa
Never, ever, ever caught up, OHB with the niggas, oh

[Pre-Hook: Chris Brown]
Pardon, pardon me, I’m just lit, turning up
Off that Hennessy, we just stay, turn me up
You know I got some bottles back at my place
I got it if you need it, yeah

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I swear to god tumblr gun owners are the vegans of there world.

-hey man hows it going

-good i own a gun.

-that’s…I didn’t ask that

-i have a gun it’s my right to 


-people hate me cause i own one

-I …I don’t think anyone gives a shit