aks 74


The much shorter variant of the AKS-74, the 74U is one of the more popular AK builds but requires NFA paperwork since it is a Short Barreled Rifle. There is much debate as to where it’s nickname, the Krinkov, originated. One of the first theories was that the Mujahadeen had captured a Soviet officer with the name Krinkov who was carrying the 74U and the name became synonymous with the gun. This was later debunked when there were no documents or reports of a Soviet officer with that name being captured. (GRH)


My .223/5.56 VEPR in its preliminary build. 

I did a goof on the handguard. I had to machine the heck out of it for it to fit because of the super thicc trunnion and barrel–had I done more in-depth research, I wouldn’t have bought the MFT Tekko. What attracted me to the Tekko was because the top handguard will screw right into the lower one, thus not requiring me to buy a new gas tube. As you can see, the handguard tilts forward a little bit.

All other parts:

-CNC Bonesteel arms slant-cut adapter stock (right-folding)
-Magpul MOE stock
-Magpul MOE grip (this was on clearance and super cheap)
-Promag vertical grip
-ALG Defense AKT trigger

I plan to get a magazine conversion done, buy an optic and optic mount, get a muzzle device, and replace the handguard with something that actually fits.