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Some time ago I found a beautiful piece of jewelery with green amethyst in it (I can't link it here, but if you drop SHAIRENTIEER into Etsy search bar it's the only result). Is it a natural stone, or manufactured/prepared in some way?

Yep, got the link. For anyone curious to the gem in question, click here!

There is a green variety of quartz called prasiolite. There’s debate whether or not prasiolite occurs naturally, but their have been claims of it being found in nature (like this specimen from Poland). Most that is on the market are done through types of different treatments.

Just like heating amethyst for citrine, they also can do the same with some amethyst (and other quartz) which instead can turn green. This is why a lot of people call it green amethyst, even though the name is not accepted by most. 

There’s also the possibility of it being synthetic via the hydrothermal method. That process is one that probably needs its own post, but for now I’ll give two links you guys can read: one and two.

Because they say it’s amethyst in the description, it could be heat treated instead of synthetic. Some photos show the gem to be lighter, then one is pictured very dark. It’s hard to be 100% just by observing semi-quality photos, and is not the same as observing the gem in person. As well, I prefer minerals in their natural state than in a gem state, so that throws me off here and there.

Hope this was of help!

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17, 24, 62, 64

17: Do you believe it’s possible to fall in love on the internet?

Absolutely. I have more than once. :)

24: Do you think love can last forever? 

I do. I’ve seen it happen and I hope to experience it myself.

62: How do you define “cheating”?

Going behind my back to be with someone, whether it be in a sexual sense or simply cuddling/kissing or spending time forming emotional bonds, without my knowledge or consent.

64: Do you think Valentine’s Day is overrated?

I do. It’s overly commercialized and promotes the belief that without a significant other in your life, you’re not truly complete and can’t be happy, which is not only stupid but truly harmful to many people mentally.