White winged Akroyd

I think this white winged variation is even more popular today than the regular Akroyd we featured before here. It’s a pretty simple Dee pattern but the hackle on the rear part of the body is what sets it apart from most of the traditional dee flies.

The most important thing with this fly besides the wing is that you don’t overdress the hackles. With three different hackles less is more and it will give the fly better movement in the water.

Here’s the pattern as per Pryce-Tannatt which is closest to the one I tied.

Akroyd (hook, 1^ to 3 inches). 

Tag : Silver tinsel. 
Tail : A topping and tippet in strands. 
Body : First half, light orange Seal’s fur ; second half, black floss. 
Ribs : Oval silver tinsel over the orange Seal’s fur ; flat silver tinsel and twist over black floss. 
Hackle : A lemon hackle over the orange Seal’s fur ; a black Heron’s hackle over the black floss. 
Throat : Teal 
Wings : A pair of cinnamon Turkey tail strips (set flat) White Turkey tail strips are often used, as in Plate VI., in which case the pattern is known as the white-winged Akroyd.
Cheeks : Jungle Cock (drooping).


Bald Bear Chase Scene pt2, SCTV’s John Candy, Dan Akroyd from The Great Outdoors