@lhinelle there’s a significant lineage of powerful Jewish women, as leaders and otherwise. Sarah is the mother of the Jewish people, Rivka single-handedly saved Ya’akov and secured the future of Judaism, Rachel and Lea literally built the framework for Jewish tradition and observance to exist.

that’s just a few of the amazing Jewish women in the Torah (and I’m not even getting into Nach). there is so much already here for women, from the legacies of Devorah, Yael, and Yehudit to Glückel of Hamelin, Ernestine Rose, and Channah Szenesz. 

I have no personal objection to female cantors, rabbis, soferets, Torah readers– in fact, I think women should and must be able to fill all these roles and more. what I take issue with is the ham-fisted insertion of a pagan goddess into Jewish tradition, along with the largely unsupported concept of the “kohenet”. 

The Mishkan Ya’akov Synagogue - Tunisia

It is located in the coastal town of Zarzis, Tunisia. It was built in around 1900 when the Jewish community of Zarzis numbered approximately 1,000.

An arson attack in 1982  left the synagogue and Torah scrolls totally destroyed. It was subsequently rebuilt and is currently used by the town’s remaining 100 Jews.