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Rj, Salamat sa lahat2x sa pagtulong mo sa akin noon sa mga assignments ko! Kinukulit na kita sa FB noon. haha Thank you! God Bless :)

hahaha walang problema idol! basta nde ako busy lol. salamat! 

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are you okay? :| you know everybody has a purpose in life. I Know that God has a big plans for you so don't worry, friend. Just Pray! :)

I know that I have my whole life ahead of me but right now I have nothing. Everyone around me seems to be content with what they have but I want so much more from my life right now. At this moment. I hate living in a small town with nothing but small minded people who are to ignorant to adapt to the concept of people being different. I’m sick of immature people thinking that just because I don’t yell or hit someone when they say shit to me that it doesn’t affect me. And I’m sick of my “friends” thinking it’s okay to say whatever the fuck they want about me because we’re supposed to be cool. I just need to start living my life.


After so many months of waaaaaaaaiting, meron na talaga akong sariling MSDN account. HAHAHA! Itong account na kasi ito ay pwede kaming maka-download ng mga softwares na galing talaga sa Microsoft na di trial. as in yunnng Full Version talaga ng mga software. Kaya ang saya2x ko ngayon kasi meron na rin akong sariling account. Di ko alam kung bakit wala ako nito noon. (Binura ko ata. idk) Basta, di nako makikigamit sa kaklase ko para lang maka-download ng software. Sa tiiiingin ko exclusive lang ito mga CS Division students. pero di ako sure pero Ang saaaaaaaaya ko! HAHAHA :D

Have you every experienced loving someone secretly?

Have you every experienced loving someone secretly? Like, you talk to them as if you feel nothing intimate towards them. All the butterflies in your stomach are grumbling when you look them in the eye, but still you try not to let it show. Your heart beats fast when you hear their voice, but you choose to calm down. It’s cute, isn’t it? To love someone secretly and not show them that you do. It’s like testing them if they would know or they wouldn’t mind.