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I finally bought the Dairanger box set and began watching it. I honestly thought that Daigo would be the quiet stuck up "I'm better than you" character but I was so shocked to find out that he's the opposite, so far this is a really good season I love it

Oh, it’s a fantastic season and one I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is getting into Super Sentai!  It’s one of the best examples of the genre from one of my favorite eras.  Mind you, I got into Super Sentai in the mid-1990s so Gosei Sentai Dairanger was still fairly easy to find on VHS in local Japanese grocery stores (Thank you Fukuya may you Rest In Retail Peace).

I was so amazingly psyched when I found out it was the second release on DVD from Shout! Factory that I immediately pre-ordered it.  Every character in that series is amazing and likable (even Kou after a while) and the villains are fantastic and just so damn creepy at times.

 I seriously think Shohei Shibata is one of the best child actors ever! Akomaru is probably the best evil child villain I have ever seen in Super Sentai combining the sheer malevolence of a truly heinous antagonist with that petty cruelty you only find in children. 

As for Daigo, his story with Kujaku is one of the best subplots in the entire series.  I love the two of them together!  They really work together and I was constantly hoping for the best for them.  

As a final note, is Ryuseioh not just the coolest mecha-dragon ever?  I just love the way it moves as it flies!

I am so glad you picked this series up and even more happy that you are enjoying it!  It’s one of the absolute classics in my opinion!

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So I finished Dairanger and I loved it! I love how there's the good main plot then all the Rangers had their own subplot that continued throughout the whole season and those subplots where their reason to keep fighting when all seemed lost. Then the ending was very good with how the battle is on going I love it.

It is one of the most tightly plotted of Super Sentai series.  There about a dozen episodes that have nothing to do with either the main plot or the individual character subplots. 

Everything is relevant and it advances a larger narrative.  Even the individual subplots give the characters further motivation for why they are fighting the good fight.  I still think the saddest of the subplots was Daigo and Kujaku though, they seemed to made for each other and could never, due to fate, be together.

But for sheer drama, I still have to give it to the Kou/Akomaru rivalry and plotline.  That was well done and really tragic when the final revelation came.

Also, not that you have finished the series, I have to gush about one more thing.  Daijinryu was such an impressively massive monster and just felt like the existential threat it was meant to be.  It literally could have wiped out everything on Earth if it wanted to and there was NOTHING anyone could do to stop it.

I love that thing, it’s a titanic threat in a world where giant monsters are de rigeur.  Also, it’s a giant dragon robot from space so it instantly gets massive point in my book!

I am SO Glad you enjoyed Gosei Sentai Dairanger.  It’s a real gem of a series that I think all Super Sentai fans need to watch at least once. I’ve seen it three times through myself; once on raw VHS in the 1990s, once in fansub form and then thanks to the official DVD release.


Akomaru played by Shohei Shibata was the son of Gorma commander Shadam in Gosei Sentai Dairanger. He hated his Father and wanted to supplant him in the Gorma heirarchy.  He is the archenemy of Kou a.k.a. Kibaranger and kidnaps Kou’s Mother to keep the two apart.  He is killed midway through the series but brought back from the depths of Hell itself by Emperor Gorma XV.  After his return, he has a monstrous/mechanical bodyguard named Ikazuchi (Thunderbolt in the Shout Factory subs) that he can also ride like a mecha into battle.  

He traditionally arrives in a rickshaw being pulled by a cotpotros while blowing on a party whistle to announce his presence.


Is it jump me or does Principal Kouhei sort of remind anyone of Shadam from Gosei Sentai Dairanger? I mean, at first it was just the way they sort of get irritated when people taunt them. You know, like when Shadam got filled with rage when his son, Akomaru, was put above him? Well I started noticing the similarity when Kijima (that Cancer Zodiarts) kept joking around with the Principal. Now that I look at them together, they even resemble each other facially. 

If it had been a top ten villains of all time, you can bet I would have added a member of the Gorma Tribe from Gosei Sentai Dairanger.  In fact I know exactly which one:

Akomaru!  That kid was seriously messed up and spent almost all of his time tormenting people he wouldn’t have had he known their secret.  Totally tragic bad kid. 

Plus, for a child actor, he pulled off the menace well. Evil little kids are always creepy!