One Piece 30 Day Challenge

Day 10: One thing you liked/hated about Skypeia

The build up to Skypeia really was the best thing about that arc. I know that sounds strange but everything that happend before they made it there, the stuff with montblanc, Bellamy, even Blackbeard! It was all so beautiful, fantastica, and whimsical! Thats why I loved Skypeia, because I couldnt wait to get there!

Day11: One thing you liked/hated about Water 7 (or Alabasta)

These questions get repetitive

The one thing I hated about the Alabasta Arc was the Alabasta part.

 Day 12: Favourite Jolly Roger (doesn’t have to be a straw hat)

I think Gold Lion Shiki has the best flag in the series, but Ace’s is most definitely a close second!


Day 13: Favourite filler arc


Day 14: Favourite pairing (or your OTP)

Again I say this is not some sort of soap opera! There are no pairs! The only pair I approve of in Bleach One Piece are Roger and Rouge!
I just think this picture is so beautiful!

If only there was more time.

Day 15: Favourite devil’s fruit ability

Goro Goro no mi or as english would say

Rumble Rumble Fruit
This fruit is the sound of thunder! Lets the user turn into lightening! Of all the fruits in the One Piece world this would be the one I’d want to eat. Thunder and Lightening are my nature of choice, my elemental calling. Dancers in a stormy night! Cant really say much else!

Day 16: Favourite background story

Brook’s by far had one of the most Captivating back-stories of any character! I know I’ve talked about it before so Im sticking with it! Musical pirates poisoned with now chance of survival playing there final tune together with Brook as the sole survivor recording it and carrying out their will!

Day 17: Favourite temporary straw hat or teammate

Saruyama Alliance! I just love the monkey brothers too much! They were so much fun from the moment they were introduced and I miss them so! Again they are what made the build up to skypeia worth it!

Day 18: Favourite marine

It was a tough decision but I think I’ve decided that my favorite marine is  Admiral Akoji! He turns into ice, hell he’s stop a whole tsunami or two by turning them into ice. And the main reason I like Akoji is because out of all the Admiral’s he isnt a dickwad!! He does nice things and has saved a few good people in the past who would have been otherwise killed!