Assemble's Brutalist Playground is a climbable landscape
Turner Prize-nominated Assemble has teamed up with artist Simon Terrill to create full-size foam replicas of playground designs from the Brutalist era

This playground is a replica made of foam put into museums. For children to interact with which also shows the history and replications of real playgrounds

Interactive, visuals in the gallery space. Using archive as creative tool to recreate these playspaces. Psychology of space, architecture induces a different type of habitation. Playgrounds such a wild strange gesture. They were big ideas to make the world aknew. A condensed brutalism. Hard to design for play. Behaviours determined by the children. Brutalist playgrounds, take itself away from the city, a place to slowly walk through. Concrete hard playscape is something different from what we see today, brutal. especially compared to what we see today, comparing to playgrounds. Risk should be thought about, not avoided initially. A celebration of the surreal nature of these forgotten playspaces, that some have now been demolished.