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picking in an hour or at 100 notes +
MBF: aknai.tumblr.com & allumium.tumblr.com

🍒 song challenge 🍒

thnk u pals unflame & f-reskaumreligion

rules: put your music library on shuffle and write down the first twenty songs (no skipping!) then tag how many people people you want to 

  1. indian summer - shiner
  2. where is my mind - pixies
  3. Jeff Mangum - i love how you love me
  4. 99 red balloons - Goldfinger
  5. wildest dreams - Taylor Swift 
  6. What you need - Flume
  7. Baths  - animals
  8. Night Beds - 22
  9. Tongue Tied - Grouplove
  10. The Neighbourhood - $TING
  11. M83 - I guess im floating
  12. Zayn Malik - i wont mind
  13. #WhiteGirlProblems - Hoodie Allen
  14. Oshi - Mustard
  15. New americana - Halsey 
  16. Billy Joel - Vienna
  17. G-Eazy - Fried rice
  18. Obedear  - Purity Ring 
  19. Oblivion - Grimes
  20. Hurricane - Halsey

im tagging my pals flourishingfairyoceaniasupremeteenaknai, princessaanastasiyadontbragchampane, peachduskorganecelkfernpolymer 

and pretty much anyone one i guess who wants to go through their music! if do u pls tag me so i can check out new songs xxx

Want to be my first elite posh?


  • mbf me
  • reblog this, likes will be ignored
  • must be a modern/fresh/rosey/tropical/indie/minimal blog
  • must be an active blogger

Increase your chances by:

  • messaging me why I should pick you
  • reblogging more than once
  • tagging me in a post ‘cloxep’ or 'aknai’

Winner gets:

  • a spot on my blog
  • a follow back
  • daily promos
  • any kind of promos whenever you want to
  • help with anything
  • give/get advice
  • anything else we agree on
  • a new friend :D
  • AND New MY FIRST winner Page,so they will remain on my blog on the winner page

I will choose 5 blogs on may 7th

Good luck!

aknai  asked:

You are beautiful Nikki xoxox

This message just popped in my inbox and i wasn’t even expecting this, thank you so much i love you ♡ Not just for sending me this message but i love you gorgeous girl! We need to talk ;) x

aknai  asked:

Happy birthday cami,it's just another day too remind me that you exist and it's wonderful because you helped me when I needed it and your honestly the sweetest human on the earth and I love you babe,I'm glad your growing because so is your heart,have the best birthday ever-clo :)

ahhhhh again, one of the sweetest birthday messages I’ve gotten today and I love you back okay. times a million. You are a beautiful and amazing creature and you need to be reminded of that. AND IM HERE TO DO THAT JOB OKAY :’) you’re the sweetest okay like agsdfkahgflkshl im a mini candy, and you’re a jumbo candy cause thats how sweet you are. Thank you again, this means so much c’: <3 loveee you clo x