Imagine your celebrity crush, Jared Leto, getting a role in Supernatural as your character’s new love interest and Jensen being jealous because of the scenes you two have together.

“Are my clothes alright? My hair? It’s not a mess is it? I mean I haven’t had the chance to go get ready yet and I- I have some make up but just basics and- is it bad? No. Is it awful? Hideous? No, no please don’t tell me how bad it is.” you hid your face behind your hands, a small whine leaving your lips. The only thing Misha could do was roll his eyes.

“What’s up here? (Y/n) having a panic attack over no apple pie for morning or what?” Jared’s voice made you look up. You scowled at him, hitting his chest.

“Shut up. And don’t mess with my pie.” you grumbled and the three men laughed at you.

“Sure thing Dean.” he said with a smirk and scoffed at him.

“What is it, sweetheart?” Jensen came to stand next to you, his tone soft as he placed a hand on the small of your back. You subconsciously leaned to his side letting a small sigh.

“I look terrible Jens.” you said almost shyly, a small pout on your lips.

He scoffed “Are you kidding me? Princess if you could see what I do you’d have no single doubt about it.” he gave you a soft smile that may or may have not made your heart skip a beat. But other than being only best friends and you having to hide your feelings for him all the time- you were too panicked at that moment to care.

“Hey Ackles when you’re done with your small confession-” Misha said with a smirk and Jensen glared at him because of course they knew about it. Sometimes he thought everybody knew about it except for you. But then again you were so adorably clueless that he knew that even if he said it out loud to you it would take you a few minutes to believe him. But he was too damn scared to dare utter a word, much less everything.

That didn’t mean he would stop all of those lingering touches or keep himself from saying the truth. To him you were the most wonderful woman in the entire world and he would do anything to make you realize that.

“What’s really the matter though?” Jared spoke up, trying to help Jensen because he was sure you’d see the glare he was giving the older man.

“Well, (Y/n/n) over here is worrying because her-” Misha smirked at you and you so wanted to punch him, but instead turned and buried your face in Jensen’s chest who didn’t miss a beat to wrap his arms around you. Jared smirked slightly at him but the green-eyed actor rolled his eyes, instead, pecking your head and rubbing your back soothingly.

“What is the problem princess?” he whispered to you but you only whined more in his chest, that he actually chuckled. He secretly loved it so much when you acted like a little kid.

“Well, her boyfriend is coming over and she is panicking because she thinks she looks awful. Casual girl stuff you know… Jared.” Misha smirked as the taller actor gave him a glare.

“You know I will get you back for that.”

“I’ll wait on it” Misha wiggled his eyebrows.

Jared chuckled but Jensen didn’t find the situation amusing in the least bit. His body was stiff and he didn’t realize when he tightened his grip on you in a protective way. But instead of saying anything he clenched his jaw and stared at Misha.

You noticed his firm grip and pulled slightly away “He’s not my boyfriend Misha” you mumbled, pushing you hair out of your face.

“Well technically he’ll be on the show and who knows all the kissing scenes you two might have will probably lead to something more.” Misha smirked at you “Or hey maybe something more.”

“Shut up! You’re not helping! Why do you need to remind me that I’ll have to kiss him… or worse!”

He scoffed “As if you don’t want to. Come on (Y/n), he’s been your celebrity crush ever since I know you.”

“Oh so you’re talking about Jared huh?” Jared (Padalecki from now on) raised his eyebrows, a soft smile on his face. Mostly at noticing the look on his best friend’s face.

“That Leto dude?” Jensen pursed his lips and you nodded your head weakly.

“Yah he’ll be on set today, or so Bob told me.” you mumbled.

“Yep and (Y/n) is freaking out because she really wants to impress him but is worried she’ll fail.” Misha chuckled and Jared sneaked a glance at Jensen whose expression was far from pleased.

“Oh is that so?” Jensen breathed out, his hands falling from your sides.

“He’s… a great actor and singer. His job is- I admire it grately. And his personality is just as great. The things he’s done have managed to make me go through some really hard moments in life. And he- He inspired me to pursue my career in the first place.” you shrugged looking down at your feet. But before you could say anything more another voice spoke up and it wasn’t none of the boys.

“Well, I am honored to say the least to know that I could inspire one of the actresses I admire most in my life.”

And to say your body went stiff and your eyes went wide would be an understatement. Although the boys, Jared and Misha at least, didn’t hesitate to look at the new person you felt your entire face heat up to the point you only wanted to run away in the opposite direction. But you had to turn and had to face him.

And your eyes locked with a pair of bright blue ones, the wide smile on his face making you smile as well and of course… your heart to skip a beat.

And Jensen’s to sink at seeing the look the two of you shared.

Lebanese-Armenian photographer Varoujan Setian worked with Rahbani Brothers from 1962 to the end of 70s. He tirelessly photographed Rahbani Brothers’ theatrical works, finishing with photographing Fairuz for a period quantifiable in about two decades. His fine shots of Fairuz were often visible on her LP covers and are still among the best and most renowned pictures of the diva.

In 2003, months before passing away, he briefly told his life and his admiration towards Fairuz in Jack Jenssen documentary “We loved each other so much”.

In 2015 some of his shots, including portrays of Fairuz and other lebanese personalities as Said Akl, were hosted in Beirut in a collective exhibition dedicated to the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide.

Kagami was not sulking. He was just slightly annoyed that Aomine, the guy who refused to put his dirty laundry in the basket every morning, was eagerly helping out his new neighbor to move her stuff into the place. She was pretty, curvy and had incredible…assets. Aomine was crushing on her so bad that he’s even tripping all over his feet under her watchful gaze.

Aomine was keeping a close eye on the new neighbor. As soon as she had asked them for their help, he had immediately volunteered himself. He saw how she eyed Kagami. No way he was having a sexy older woman ogle over his boyfriend the entire time. He made sure to block her view every time Kagami bends over to pick up a heavy object and walked behind him at all times. He kind of regretted it, though. Watching that ass move in front of him sure was distracting.

Love AKL #1

Auckland Domain - Wintergardens

I keep seeing these giant posters all around Auckland, asking people to share their favourite shots of the city. For me one of the best places in Auckland is the Auckland Domain Winter-gardens. Built in the style of the Crystal Palace this little beauty houses gorgeous flora that changes every season. 

I have a habit of going there just to take photos because I get to see something new every time. This photo was taken last week. Lettering done on Photoshop using Wacom Intuos 5.


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