Kafu’s headcanons (Port mafia)
  •         Kouyou was the one who made Kafu join the mafia. She acknowledges how useful Kafu can be for them, but at the same time Kouyou sees her “too bright” and doesn’t fully trust her.
  •         Kafu works as prostitute for the mafia and is very prized due to her ability, so Mori uses this to his advantage. He makes Kafu sing at important events and does undercover auctions for a day with her. Prices get really high so he organizes only one or two auctions per month, resulting in even higher bids.
  •         Meanwhile Kouyou makes Kafu be Chuuya’s assistant to get rid of excessive work from him.
  •         Chuuya, on the other hand, is in charge of Kafu’s safety and surveillance. Human lust can be terrifying and Mori doesn’t want anyone to ruin his plans so he even forces Chuuya to live with kafu so no risks are taken.
  •         During her first weeks at the port mafia Kafu was with Chuuya like a baby duck following her mother. She was aware of their reputation, so she didn’t talk too much and only observed her surroundings.
  •         At first, Chuuya didn’t trust her. My headcanon is that, after Dazai’s leaving he had some trusting issues about his “partners”.  However, kafu’s honesty, the way she was always there helping him and all the time they spent together made him feel her like a little sister.  One who couldn’t sleep alone and that constantly made innuendo jokes to purposely embarrass him.
  •         Kafu tries to be kind with every person she talks to, being in the mafia or not, she even tried to befriend Akutagawa. This ended in Kafu being completely ignored or scolded by him, telling her this isn’t a kindergarten where you go to make friends and that she would suffer more than she should if she continued that way.
  •          This was Akutagawa’s rough way of telling Kafu to be careful. A lot of people in the organization talked behind her back about her ability and how she could be kind of dangerous. Kafu didn’t care about this, they were from the mafia after all and were trained not to trust easily, so she wasn’t going to give up easily either. “You are too naïve” were Akutagawa’s only words to Kafu’s statement. That time, Kafu understood that Akkun was good-hearted despite his reputation.
  •         Kafu has a deal with Chuuya. The days she is free or finishes her work in advance he has to let her go wherever she wants. Chuuya’s main part is to be secretive about where she goes. Most of those times Kafu goes to a little bar to sing or donates money to an orphanage she knew. Usually these days off happen each Friday so she goes to sing 3 times a month and donates the money she gained in the bar to said orphanage (one part goes to the mafia because it was Chuuya’s suggestion to make Mori agree with her strolls)

Some of the headcanons I have for Kafu in the Portmafia. I have even more, but that’s it for now. I wanted to make a little drawing, but I don’t know what would be cool to portrait!

what do you think? any suggestion?
btw, my askbox is always open so if you want any question feel free to send it!

MeseMoa. members’ nicknames

Beginner’s guide from sunflower

  • Shirofuku (Shirose Yuuta): Shiro-san, Shiroro
  • Aoi (Imagawa Aoi): Akkun, Kyawa-tan (Mr Cutie)
  • Kimagure Prince (Mizuki Tomoya): Punta, Pun-chan, Pun-tyan, Kimapuri
  • Tomitake: Tomi-chan, Tomitan
  • Nibansenji: Niban-kun, Senji-kun
  • Nozakibento: Nozaki-san, Bentosu, Ojiji
  • Forgeru: Geru-tan
  • Nokkuso: Nokkun
  • Nichan: Ani, Aniue, Ni-chan

*Shirose Yuuta and Mizuki Tomoya are stage names, not real names.


Ayano Gou for GQ Japan

[UPDATE: added interview translation]

This time I decided to properly translate my favourite parts of the interview cause GQ asks all the right questions and Ayano being super easy to understand for once (not that I’m complaining or anything but his interviews for cinema magazines are always a maze of acting theory for me). Also, Ayano x Yamada bromance <3

——This time there were a lot of people with whom you have already acted together, so how was the atmosphere on set?

Takayuki (Yamada Takayuki) is a close person, we have a trusting relationship when I know what is his facial expression right now without even looking at it. For example, I know how far Takayuki will go if he plays Hideyoshi. Same with the action scenes, we trust each other. We go all out until certain degree and if we accidentally hit each other we will just ignore it in a “It’s us so it’s ok” kind of way. Our private relationships became a plus.

When you become this age, it’s not just simple “let’s be friends on set if we friend in real life”. Without even realising it we draw a line. But if you can make the best of your private relationship it’s not a bad thing. If it’s usable you should use it. It’s the same with Fukami-san (Fukami Motoki). It’s my second time with Erika (Sawajiri Erika) too. Akkun (Nobuaki Kaneko and let me fangirl over this cute nickname, Akkun so precious <3) and Yuu (Yamada Yuu) also someone I know in private life. It was my first time acting with Iseya-san (Iseya Yusuke) and Toyohara-san (Toyohara Kosuke) but actually it was good for the role.

——You act in movies, tv-series and on stage, is it hard to “get out” of the role, shade the role off?

I dont’t have a concept of “going out” of a role. All roles I have ever played live inside me. (Ah, always so cool without even trying *-*)

——Do you care whether role is a lead one of if the project small or big in scale?

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I let you know that all my tag names for Bungou characters are nicknames my oc Kafu uses for them.

I have this headcanon where she calls people with silly but cute names. She would call you that way (no matter if you hate it or not) or by -chan or -kun

Only people she isn’t very attached to or in a super-formal situation is named by -san

Then I’m going to tell you the ones I have thought about.

  • Dazai: Dazacchi or Osamun
  • Atsushi: Atsushin
  • Kyouka: Kyochan
  • Kunikida: Kunicchan
  • Yosano: Yosachun or Akicchi
  • Ranpo: Ran-pyon or Edocchi
  • Chuuya: Chuu-chan
  • Kouyou: Koi-san, usually Kouyou-san
  • Akutagawa: Akkun
  • Higuchi: Higuchin
  • Gin: Gin-gin
  • Elise: Elichi, usually Elise-chan
  • Mori: Ougasan

And that’s all for now! I still need to think the rest =D
If you want to know any specific name I’ll think it first. And maybe this is silly, but if you tell me your name or your oc name I’ll tell you how Kafu would name them u 3 u


“Why? Why did you come? You’ve thrown everything I’ve done right out the window by coming! Why have I been–”

“Shut up! ‘Please live’, huh? 'Senpai, please become a normal person’ you say? When did I ever say that’s what I wanted? When did I ever ask for that?”

“You’re being unpleasant! So extremely unpleasant!”

“I think you’re being unpleasant! I refuse to accept this! I don’t need a life at the cost of yours, Kuriyama-san! A future without you means… nothing to me! Are you that oblivious? Were you really that oblivious?”