Lxiṛ d cceṛṛ d atmaten akken i ddukulen ; ar tesseblɛeḍ timeṛẓuga ar d-eg°rint tẓidanin.

Traduction : Le bien et le mal sont frères, ils marchent de compagnie : après avoir avalé les choses amères, viendront ensuite les douces.

Translation : Good and evil are brothers, they walk together : after having swallowed the bitter things, the sweet ones will come.

Rangers on a Summer expedition to track & contain local rexaurs. Generally the teams’ focus is on conservation and management, as they are extremely reluctant to dent an already struggling population of persecuted apex predators. 

Nonetheless the outskirts folk are in some rather extreme danger from hungry or brooding rexaurs, so it’s up to the ranger teams to flush them back out onto the plains by means of smoke, audio cues that disturb them, or in extreme cases, darting and transporting them by pulling them behind trucks in specialist high-power vehicles. 

Usually, Lith and Akkens here would be accompanied by their vet, Looper, but presumably he took a holiday. In his absence they seem to be taking advantage of the good weather a little too much. Ladies, you’re getting paid for this!

macarey  asked:

On Twitter u mentioned u read an AkKen fic. Would u mind recommending some?

I only know of two haha but there both pretty cute
Akaashi and Kenma are dateing and akaashi is sexually frustrated
Kenma ends up getting a crush akaashi but he’s never had a crush before so he just runs away from him

Bokuto and kuro are dateing in both fics cute!!!!!