Inu X Boku SS Event - BackStage

Morning session ending messages from the seiyuu cast!

Hanazawa Kana: Good work! Did you enjoy that?

Sugita Tomokazu: Akkariin!~ (Imitating Mayuri from Steins;Gate)

Miyano Mamoru: Woo~ That was fun! Eguchi-kun.

Eguchi Takuya: It was a lot of fun! Till the very end. Whoa there! 

Hikasa Yoko: Yes, Maniac!

Hosoya Yoshimasa: I understood everything Hikasa-san was trying to tell me.

Nakamura Yuuichi: Is this towards the people in the theatre? Ahh, that are watching this right now? During those last 30 minutes that have passed in the theatre, I wonder what you guys think about that. I’m kind of worried about it. It’s alright? All good, that’s good. Thank you very much. See you again later.

Hidaka Rina: Hiya! It’s finished! Thank you very much! Did you have lots of fun? For sure you had lots of fun! I know I had lots of fun! See ya, we’ll meet once again!

akkariin  asked:

for the shipping meme: alex/tina/bibi

i forgot that this was in my inbox unti now holy s h i t

falls asleep on the couch: all of them, snuggled up! alex will later complain a lot about his neck but he actually doesn’t mind that much
makes friends with the neighbors: definitely alex and they all love him because “isn’t he such a sweet young man?”
is the adventurous eater: none of them is really adventorous, alex is used to some gross expensive ‘haute cuisine’ stuff, bibi makes weird combinations of food because of laziness and tina is the only one who can actually prepare a good meal
hogs the covers at night: nobody because they have a fuckton of blankets
forgets to do the dishes: alex usually never has to do dishes so one would think he’d forget when he’s visiting the martins but he’s way too eager to please ms martin so it’s actually bibi hah
tries to surprise their partner more often: alex makes incredibly expensive gifts but they are really sweet UwU
leaves dirty laundry on the floor: bibi, again, because i just feel like she’s the one to least care about houselhold stuff and order
stays up til 2 AM reading: tina!!!!
sings in the shower: all of them?
takes the selfies: a l e x
plans date night: bibi always wants to make plans and forgets, alex’ plans aren’t very realistic, but fortunately tina always has a backup plan and the date nights are awesome

ps: i still can’t believe that you send me this, we are both going to hell, i love it