akka art

Chapter 2: The Hunt. 

She remembers the first time she saw fireflies. It happened when she was very little and stayed in her grandparents’ house, an old manor far from the city with trees and wildlife as the only neighbors. She was lying in the backyard with her slightly overweight cat, amazed by the glowing night sky above her head, when she suddenly noticed that a very bright star was moving, then they were two bright stars and then three, soon enough she realized that they were fireflies. She remembers that night as a magical one, there were so many of them that it seemed that the night sky had fallen around her, a whole galaxy spinning and dancing with her.

Now, as her heart raced, she remembers that night with a bittersweet taste while thinking that tonight did not have a shred of magic. She keep begging to the fireflies,

               Please stop shining around me! Or else he will find me!

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