Demigods ice skating {Headcanon}

Okay, so it all starts out with Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter going to a skating rink. Obviously, everyone is super excited. It turns out to be such a big thing that the godly parents come just to watch their kids on the bleachers.

Cue in Percy and Annabeth. Now Percy is pretty confident that he’ll get along just fine. Ice is just another form of water, right? So he steps out onto the ice and… falls flat on his face. Annabeth giggles behind him, bc her Seaweed Brain is just too cute. Annabeth also is confident she can handle skating. She spent the previous day calculating angles and trajectories for optimal skating. So when Annabeth steps into the rink, she promptly falls on top of Percy. The two if them, after a lot of giggling and falling on top of each other, manage to get up, link arms and wobble away around the rink.

Meanwhile, Nico watches Percabeth from a distance, making the :| face, facepalming and rolling his eyes. So much for the most powerful demigods! He learned to skate long ago with Bianca. It was safe to say that Nico di Angelo was good with ice skates, thank you very much! All of a sudden, a blond head whizzed by, then figure-eighted right back to him. Will! And… so much for good with skates. Nico’s knees gave way just in time for Will to catch him, to the embarrassment of both demigods.

Completely oblivious to everything happening on the other side of the rink, Frank and Hazel were having fun in a rather unusual way. Neither of them were very good on skates, so Frank had turned into a large husky and started pulling Hazel around the rink. They were so darn cute, Percy would occasionally look at them and smile because LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE MAKING PUPPY EYES AT EACH OTHER AND THEY ARE SO HAPPY AND THEY ARE SO SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER AND I CAN’T EVEN AKJSHDKJAHSDKJSA

Jason and Piper were also having a lot of fun. Well… sort of. They started out skating around the rink with linked arms, like a stereotypical couple at the skating rink. Then it evolved into Piper teaching Jason some moves she learned from skating class, because dancing on ice just sounds cooler, right? Mostly though, it consisted of Piper being super graceful and doing all sorts of ridiculously difficult jumps and twists. And Jason just stood by and watched like wow, my girlfriend is so talented and graceful and beautiful I’m so happy she’s mine she’s gonna rock the last name Grace, wait what.

Leo and Calypso actually don’t like skating. Leo wasn’t fond of anything to do with ice and he melted the rink when he stepped onto it. Calypso just plain preferred gardening and weaving. So Leo opted to help out with the live, smoking hot lighting effects, and Calypso decided to be the DJ, setting the right mood for all the demigods on the rink. They had a lot of fun switching up the music and lighting depending on which couples were doing what. Occasionally they would yell “JUST KISS ALREADY” into the mic. When someone fell *cough* Percy and Annabeth *cough*, they would be in the background giving scores. Every. Single. Time.

Eventually though, all the other demigods go and take a break from skating to observe the nation’s OTP, Percabeth. This is the main reason the gods even showed up. So when Percy started making out with Annabeth, completely oblivious the fact that they were the only ones on the rink, everyone else started cheering and applauding, the gods were taking pictures of them to upload to their Tumblrs, and Leo and Calypso both gave them 11/10 scores from the background. Embarrassed, they took a bow and left the skating rink to catch up to their friends.

That was truly a night to remember.