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AU where Hisoka is the guardian of some legendary pokemon. No one approaches this legendary pokemon. Everyone knows where it is anyways but. Hisoka is there. You want to approach Hisoka? N o p e just leave it there. He’s not even a trainer he’s just there. The legendary pokemon is unbothered solely because no one wants to deal with hisoka to approach it


This is amazing. And terrifying. This is how to protect your legendary pokemons.

Maybe also some pokemons are super rare because they live not far from where Hisoka lives, so to catch them you have to get to Hisoka. Eventually they’re a lot. But since no one gets close to Hisoka…. the’re super rare.

This is horrifying akjhds

(pokemon AU in general also where Kurapika completely dislike bugs pokemon who’s with me)

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I vote for 87 and 12

T O B E HONEST I love those two too.

Eventually I do think i’ll switch to 87 one day though bc JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT IT

For now I’m just with this one bc this is the one that made me cry last and that provocked the whole “Icha change your icon” thing

but I think i’ll change to 87 after a while. it’ll likely be my next icon akjhds

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Oops I clicked on enter. I wonder how complicated the story would be if I finish those too.

I’ve seen the cutscenes too and didn’t appeal to me tbh. I read about BC. I have just small ideas about it since I RPed for a while as a member from the old AVA. Still wonder what happened to those turks.

aah it’s okay! And ye I understand. Idk I don’t think DOC is that important unless you want to know more about Hojo’s experiments? I mean. The whole thing with Lucrecia is super interesting, and I do enjoy the development of Reeve (who’s for me such an underrated character) but aside from that… man this is clumsy. 

And ye akjhds BC developping the Turks was a good idea too, I wish we could have known more about them. It’s a shame aah