preview of some trash that I will try to work my ass off on for you hungry children

10 facts about me

tagged by my sweetie @hufflebee, thanks babe  ❤

im so bad at these im so sorry akjhd

1. fellow queers,
2. i love original scores so much im going to combust
3. i study lit and english history
4. i looove to bake, and i also really like to cook (now i really wanna bake….)
5. ive known my best friend for 20 years (we dem girls)
6. i wear contacts
7. my parents are incredibly religious, but my mum’s slightly more loving than judging
8. my hobbies: drinking coffee, going to get coffee, making coffee, thinking about drinking coffee, going to coffee shops, taking abo
9. trusting ppl has not always led to good results in my past i dont have much luck in that regard
10. texting is so anxiety inducing but i love texting ppl?? @ my mind the audacity,,,, i love yall and i wanna know about you but im awkward and im sorry ajkdshaskj

i think you guys have already tagged everyone but here i go: @harry-daddario, @daddarios, @harlee-queen, @magnuslightswood, @this-extra-hour, @andorcassion