“I know exactly who to use as your weakness.”


And then his face after that–

He’s absolutely sick to his stomach because he knows that Bradley has him tied up in every single way. There’s no way out of this one. He’s screwed up royally, and he’s in waaaayy over his head. Riza’s gone from his side, and can’t protect his back anymore. He can’t protect her, either. He has to keep every toe directly in line, or she gets killed.

Man. Talk about leverage. 


Mixing in some old clothes with some new for the summer. Arrow Head button up purchased for just $7 from a thrift store. Kaws X Uniqlo T $15 brand new, a collection I couldn’t pass up especially for the cost. Picked up some new gear from @crossroadstrading as well. BLKWD DNM camo shorts purchased for $12 I believe for them to retail at $30. The big savings were on these Air Max 90′s I got half off for just $17.50 retail between $70-$100. Gotta love the summer time savings!

Bye Bye

Hey just a quick PSA I guess.  Well, straight, I’m leaving tumblr for the most part.  This is a queued post so after this I’ll probably almost never update this blog again.  Nothing serious going on, it’s just life moving forward.

I won’t delete this blog as I have a lot of scans and translations so I’ll let them archive here.  My art blog will still update though that’s always been slow to begin with.  I’ll basically be on twitter (both personal and art accounts) from now on so pop on over if you liked me enough for some reason.

ABOUT BOX SPLITS those are still on and I WILL update this blog and contact partners for the World Trigger MochiMochi and Ensemble Stars donuts when those come in.

Some rambling and more personal reasoning under the more, but that’s pretty much it.  Thanks for everything, everyone!

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