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Upon thinking on it, I’m gonna try to be more positive about the long wait for DA4:

  • Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire aka Eder Give My Dwarf Mama Some Sugar Simulator (still can’t believe ~OBSIDIAN~ decided to do their take on this system, which should be special :3c)
  • Finish a Lavellan playthrough on PS4…will she try to save or hunt Solas? We shall see just in time for DA4 methinks
  • Finish my Mage Trevelyan playthrough, bcos Akiva Hawke shouldn’t have been a wanted man for nothing.
  • Boyband Roadtrip XV (yep, getting this c’mon pretty and buff dudes)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn (c’mon action heroine vs mecha fauna)
  • Replay Planescape: Torment in HD?
  • Finish Tyranny, because my Fatebinder needs to end up as the top dog.
  • Finetuned Sashamira Cadash playthro—no no, I don’t hate myself to grind through that all over again T_T I’ll just reload choice save points to relive moments.
  • Any surprise RPG Sony may decide to throw at us tomorrow…?
  • Fan art, comics, and merch based on all of this.

So yeah, one-two year wait doesn’t seem too long.

a very happy birthday to the illustrious aimo/momochanners!

you are one of the most talented generous sweet and all around lovely people in fandom and on the internet in general <333 it has been such a pleasure knowing you!

ahhh, it feels like such a long time since the days when i admired your KotOR fanart from afar and I thought, “hmm, maybe I’ll give this Dragon Age Origins game she keeps drawing fanart for a try…”

songoharotto replied to your photoset: Was testing some hairstyle and skin color mods for…

What Hawke’s family looks like is based on which preset you started with when changing appearance. The first three presets make them Caucasian, the next three African, the last three Asian, or something like that.

Funny you should say that, since I think I *did* choose the first black preset option:

But Akiva Hawke, whom I micro-molded from the first Caucasian preset (since Malcolm in that playthrough was white), ended up with POC family members:

(Notice Leandra’s model here is a totally different facesculpt, not a reskinned default)

I think there may have been a conflict in the skin mod that prevented a non-default family option. But it’s okay! Rashida 2.0’s family has Crazy Strong Amell Genes, while she looks like her Rivaini-descended dad.


While I have various playthroughs of both DA:O and DA2, I have two that I consider ‘must see through to the end Canon’ paths.

The Rivaini-descent Mage Supremacy Canon, which comprise of Warden Thaddeus Amell in DA:O, Akiva Hawke in DA2, and Mage Inquisitor Trevelyan in DA:I (haven’t decided on a male or female version yet).

The Ladies Stabbity Canon, which comprise of Warden Sorsha Aeducan (DA:O), either Warrior Rashida Hawke/Mage Royce Hawke/Rogue Ramona Hawke (DA2), and Rogue Inquisitor Cadash (DA:I).

For these two, I’m pretty much set on these Inquisitors to see the respective third installments to their bitter end. I expect to play other Inquisitor races for my other DA:O/DA2 playthroughs.

Always makes me smile when there’s interest in my Dragon Age PCs, so thanks for asking :)