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((OOC: Headcanon time! The genderbends of ICE MOUNTAIN are completely different than their male counterparts!

Kiyomi: She works as a high school French teacher and usually gives off an air of sophistication. Due to her docile appearance, she’s gained a lot of male and female admirers alike. She always turns them down though, because she believes it’s improper teacher-student conduct. However, that doesn’t stop her from being a trickster and pranking people a lot. She and Akina are really close, and a lot of people think Akina is a bad influence, but to be honest it’s more the other way around!

Yomi: Kiyomi’s stage persona, she’s much more of Kiyomi’s true self than the face she puts up in front of her students. Even so, she’s still painfully polite, if not blunt, when voicing her thoughts.

Akina: She works for her family owned liquor store. She’s quite the party animal, and often sneaks out booze from her family’s store. Her parents don’t like it, and she always retorts “c'est la vie” (which means “that’s life” in French, a phrase Kiyomi taught her) but she uses the phrase completely wrong. She’s always behind fashion by a season or two, but she has a lot of guys that like her for her personality. She always rejects them because she’s a bit of a romantic (and subscribes to about 5 different girly dating magazines) and hopes someday a guy will sweep her off her feet.

Natsuki: I lied about everything being completely different. Everything about Natsuki is exactly the same.

Haruno: She’s the high school choir teacher, and she’s the most painfully single teacher on the whole campus. She constantly has people confessing to her, but she’s too much of a space case to realize what kind of emotions she instills in people. The school choir actually has a disproportionally large amount of male students because they take her class to get close to her. Her beauty (and her bust) are probably her only big defining features, and most guys don’t ever see past the surface. She’s actually a big dreamer and hopes to one day meet a talented musician and marry him to become a singer-songwriter duo.

Tomako: The tough and super sassy high school natural sciences teacher, she’s known for her wit and unconventional teaching style. She’s had a lot of health problems, mostly dealing with the fact that when growing up she had more male hormones than female (which caused her to be extremely tall, skinny, and have delayed secondary sex characteristic development). In her youth, she was bullied a lot and ended up joining a ladies gang. However, she quickly turned heel and decided to became a teacher after her parents hired an amazing tutor that changed her mind (it also helped that he was a total cutie and she liked him a lot). Beneath that tough exterior, she’s a huge sweetheart and is easily moved by the smallest things.

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W-well! It’s not like I don’t know what it is, but I’m questioning the reasons you gave this to me!

What do you expect me to do with this?! Cuddle with it? Sleep with it? Have fantasies about it? MARRY IT?!

Do you know how incredibly creepy this whole thing is? If I really wanted to do those kind of things with Akikoroid, then having a body pillow of her isn’t going to cut it. N-NOT THAT I WANT TO DO THOSE KIND OF THINGS WITH HER!

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OOC-tan, what have you done? Now this is gonna explode like those eye puns that led to SeeU x Oliver. Nawww, I'm kidding. I love OOC-tan, and your drawings! Now excuse me while I spread SHOPSHIPPING ALL OVER THE FUCKING INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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And the reason I called it Shopshipping is because it’s a pun on shopping, shoplifting, and shipping.

[HEADCANON]: Whenever Akito goes to the convenience store he always purposely shoplifts so that way Akikoroid would talk (or scold) him because he’s too nervous to actually begin a conversation with her himself. She just thinks he’s some delinquent who steals soda and chips.


Wait. Um… let me try again.

Wait up… give me a moment.

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Head canon time!

  • Kiyoteru wore dorky little sweater vests when he was in elementary school
  • Akito is that charismatic jerk who doesn’t want anyone to be left out if he can help it
  • Kiyoteru is extremely awkward because he was home schooled for a while and had no clue how to make friends
  • In the ICE MOUNTAIN canon, his (foster) father’s name is Kiyoshi. His voice provider’s name is Kiyoshi Hiyama. He was actually taken in and raised by his voice provider!

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