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Trick or treat for Saeko/Akiteru

come trick-or-treat in my inbox requesting ficcies and I’ll either treat you to some fluff or humor or trick you with a horribly twisted/sad AU  (I’ll use a random generator to pick trick or treat) 


A fox isn’t a particularly large or vicious animal.  Even larger foxes, in the grand scheme of things, are small compared to most other creatures.  They are, however, crafty and sly.  Loyal to their friends.  Loyaler to their family.

Some families of foxes are sought after for their minds or their pelt or their magical abilities on top of being a shifter.

The Tsukishima foxes are none of these.

Which suits the two of them just fine, both content to have each other and generally be left alone.  Kei more than Akiteru but that’s okay.

Dragons, however.  Dragons are huge.  Vicious.  They have a need to grab and keep and hoard.  Even the smallest dragon urges to gather the world up in their claws and hold it close, snarling when anything gets too close.  They don’t need families.  Don’t need clans.

But, hell knows they want it.

They’re revered for their abilities, hunted for their hoards, killed for their scales.

The Tanaka dragons are no different.

Which suits their nature just fine.

Dragons are not made to be soft and foxes aren’t made to be fearless.

When Akiteru smells a dragon approaching the trap his brother had gotten caught in moments before he snaps and yips and bares his teeth, ready to charge at the dragon wearing a human form.

When Saeko realizes that the blood she’s smelling is from an injured fox and finally spots two of them - one trapped and the other snarling at her in its defense and neither willing to change into their more vulnerable but easier to escape the trap human selves in front of her - she already knows that she’ll protect them both like family.

When blood drips from her claws and the heat of her breath makes the grass tremble and wilt, keeping everyone at bay with her rage, it’s Akiteru who slinks through and nips at her leg and reminds her who she is.

Older generations had a saying about never trusting foxes.  Saeko watches her fox dozing in the corner and thinks that there’s no one she trusts more.  Even when they’re both bloodied and bruised and broken.

“This place is so interesting,” the man says to himself as he watches the dragon in human form and the human in fox form sitting on the porch sunning themselves.  “So many strange occurrences.”


This awesome dork 

this adorable creature

this glorious setter

this lanky idiot 

this fabulous girl

and this cutie


Little Haikyuu Things That Make Me Happy
  • The height differences 
  • The outrageous hairstyles 
  • Kuroo and Oikawa’s necks 
  • The way Yamaguchi says “Tsukki” 
  • Yachi’s gayness 
  • Siblings 
  • The other teams backstories 
  • girls are respected 
  • The sounds of OOOOooooooOOO AAaaaaaaHhh when Oikawa serves 
  • Ennoshita Chikara 
  • Asahi’s changing hairstyles 
  • The way everyone says Lev’s name 
  • When Bokuto says “Hey hey hey” 
  • such pretty, pretty setters 
  • Hinata not understanding volleyball terms so he says “Swoosh”, “Slash” and “Whack”
  • when characters with gravity defying hair let their hair down
  • all the different themes of each team 
  • the symbolic meaning behind their names 
  • Bokuto’s emo/dejected mode
  • The Mom Squad 
  • their legs omg
  • Hinata’s magical bathroom adventures 
  • How Kageyama has other sports anime versions of himself 
  • Oikawa’s yaoi hands 
  • Terushima’s piercings 
  • the adorable managers 
  • sugawara’s beauty mole
  • Hinata and Nishinoya jumping in the air when they’re happy
  • how Bokuto says “Akaashi”
  • the freaking meme team
  • don’t anger papa and mama crow 
  • characters wearing casual clothes 
  • the bro ships 
  • Tanaka Ryuunosuke 
  • the hilarious facial expressions 
  • how you can’t hate anyone 
  • Bokuto’s leggings omFG 
  • Kenma’s roots showing 
  • the captains 
  • how when someone is going to spike they look like they’re doing the Naruto ninja run 
  • Iwaizumi’s god arms 
  • Bokuto’s owl eyes and and Kenma’s cat eyes 
  • Tsukishima’s smirk 
  • Oya oya oya 
  • everyone must be protected at all costs

continuation of these c:

can you tell i ran out of ideas