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How do you tell shiba inus and akita inus apart in photos? Sometimes i reblog what i think is a shiba and it ends up being an akita inu and im like ????

it’s quite easy!

akitas are much larger than shiba inus! (the akita featured in this photo is actually quite young, and the shiba inu slightly older, so it’s usually always evident no matter how old the akita is!)

but in photos where you can’t tell the size difference, or when they’re puppies…

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akitas have much broader and larger features than shibas. their eyes are often a lot smaller and their ears are more pronounced than stubby shiba ears. akita snouts are also quite a lot longer than shiba snouts, and look a little more “dog-like”, while shiba snouts are short!

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i hope this clears up some things for you!