An open letter to the FR devs/admins

Hey guys.

I’m Rachel. It’s nice to meet you. I’ve been using Flight Rising since about September of last year, and I’ve had a lot of fun. I have bought gems multiple times, so I am presumably one of the users who helps keep the site running monetarily, even apart from ads. 

Over the past couple months, though, I’ve noticed some troubling things. I can’t find any better way to discuss them with you—certainly no way that seems likely to get a response—so instead, I’m taking to Tumblr, where even if you don’t respond, you can view this letter and even see its responses from my peers, other users of the site. 

Let me start by saying that I want to like you. I want to think of you as once-removed friends, or as people who I or we can depend on. I try really hard to ensure that I’m not thinking of you adversarially. There’s no point in an us vs them mindset.

But intentionally or not, actions taken by the staff convey that mindset. This is far and away the most troubling thing I’ve noticed in my time on the site. 

You claim increased transparency with “Words on the Wind” posts, but those posts rarely address users’ concerns and by now have turned into simple newsposts. You have a Suggestions forum set up, but it seems to have turned into an area purely for quarantine, so that you can more easily ignore those suggestions. You’re obviously aware of users’ complaints, since you respond to (parts of) them and seem to be reading the Tumblr tag, but you brush off all but the easiest-to-answer questions. 

I believe that I speak for the vast majority of your users when I say that we don’t want increased transparency or accountability from you so that we can yell at you—we want it so we don’t feel used and lied to

Your users are the thing that makes your site successful. We view ads, buy gems, play games, talk up the site you’ve made. In a very real way, FR would not work without its users. But your actions seem to say that we are really just an inconvenience, a whining mob that’s only there to get in your way. 

To a certain extent, I understand this. I work for What Pumpkin, the merchandising company for a webcomic with more than a million readers. Most of my work right now is on Paradox Space (a side comic), where believe me, I hear from readers. It’s very, very easy to relax into that us vs them mindset and leave it at that. 

But that’s not going to help you (or them). I combat this in myself by trying to check up on readers’ responses daily, respond where I can and where it’s appropriate, and to try to remind myself constantly that behind each reader is a real human being. It’s not actually too hard to do, because by and large PXS readers are sweethearts and just want to read cool stuff (and we just want to post cool stuff!). 

Let me bring this down to the very simple and pragmatic and list a few things that I think you could do to alleviate the us vs them atmosphere you’ve fostered that would not harm your website:

  1. Tell us what the programmer(s) are working on. Is Akiri still recovering? No one is going to be upset if that’s the case; we all want you to be healthy. But since there are many programming problems that plague the site, giving the users some idea of what they should expect to be addressed would help keeping us from feeling like you don’t care how the problems impact our usage of the site.
  2. Tell us why the suggestion forum is a wasteland, or why you can’t or won’t institute a specific suggestion. For instance: people have been clamoring for banks since FR started. To my eye there’s no reason that’s a bad suggestion, but of course I have access to incomplete information. If you tell us why something won’t work, maybe—just maybe!—we’ll stop bugging you about it
  3. Tell us if you’re overwhelmed. I have no idea how many of the admins are full-time on FR. In fact as far as I know every FR admin is still holding down a full-time “real” job. That’s okay. Just let us know. If we are aware that you’re working as hard as you can but you just don’t have the time, we’re going to be way more sympathetic. As it stands, we have no idea.
  4. Just let us know you’re listening. The way you respond to the few things you do respond to tells us that you see everything we say, but you don’t think we’re worth responding to unless we’re saying what you want us to say. That is a really easy way to tell your userbase it’s not worth your time, and a really easy thing to fix: just show us that you are listening. 

From my perspective and the perspective of the vast majority of your users, your priorities are confusing; your choices are strange; your decisions exclude us. It will do nothing but help the site as a whole to show your users enough trust to tell them what’s going on

Thanks for reading. I don’t expect a response—for all the reasons above—but I hope that, if nothing else, this letter gives you an idea how it feels to be a Flight Rising user these days.


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In light of the recent registration and flood of new members, I would like to start a monthly (minus December) community festival roleplay thingymajiger.

I would create a thread and update it depending on the festival. The festivals will only last ICly as long as they do OOCly, but each night before I go to bed, I’ll post the update for the coming day. If I get enough support, we may be able to convince the admins to help out by locking the thread when there’s no festival going on, and making it a sticky so everyone can easily get to it.

If you are a FR RPer and are interested, please reblog this post to get the word out. Without enough support and interest, the time it will take me won’t be worth it.

I really think RP is a way to bring people together, and community forum RP isn’t very common. We’re already such good friends here, and I think such a monthly event would really help to build on our current relationships.

The festival RPs could include IC AND OOC raffles (as in, your dragon buys x number of tickets and those tickets are also OOC. Prizes given out will be both in and out of character), too.

If you have any ideas, PLEASE shoot them to Ikelu #35647!

I would LOVE to see this happen, guys, but support is needed for me to pull it off. Again, if you’re interested, reblog this post.



Smear Campaign or Misunderstanding?

Maybe you’re lucky and missed it, but with 746 notes on the original and a post to DR, probably not the case.

Once upon a time, Hill shared a promotion on the deaths of four black cops who’d lost their lives. The promotion had #BlackLivesMatter tagged on it and the number of people who cared, totaling at zero. #BlackLivesMatter is a campaign that, as you’d never assume simply by the name, highlights police assault upon #BlackLives. Hill commented: “They only matter when they match the story they’re trying to tell”. Now, what I took that to say is: (1) “This tag name is misleading, this is not going well and is becoming counterproductive…” (2) “People only highlight something if it’s a popular issue, and then try to market their campaign by diminishing everything else that exists!”, with a dash of sarcasm.

Cue two people who come in, attempting to diminish these #BlackLives, without even so much as condolences to the fellow law enforcer for the four losses on their side (”side”), proving that they do not, in fact, #Matter. Hill got snippy. There are 1001 fatal plagues upon society (add as many zeros as you wish between the ones), and crime against the neighbor is one of them; especially bad depending on where people are boxed into. A third person comes in and awards him what I understand to be a threat.

NotAll!#BlackLivesMatter, apparently. Media and its lackeys are like: “This is not what we’re covering right now, so if you come into our campaigns and tell us there’s more lives than just the ones we want to focus on, we won’t care and we will punish you for bringing it up.” Hill made the mistake of giving a damn—HOW RACIST!

Below the Read More is a reiteration of this post in the language of fuck this shit, along with an accompanying anatomical illustration of the screencap.

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I hope the same people who care so much about not supporting Flight rising cause of the Akiri drama don't use Google.

Google employs 54,604 people.

The chance that at least one of them is racist is almost 100%.
The chance that at least one of them hates trans people is almost 100%.
The chance that at least one of them is misogynistic is almost 100%.
The chance that at least one of them has gone home from work and beaten their children is almost 100%.

So don’t use Google while you’re at it as you’re likely supporting misogynistic people, racists, Trans haters, and child abusers.

I mean unless you feel like invading 54,604 social media pages just to make sure.

Frankly the way the FR community is acting about akiri is very toxic. He is human. He can have his own opinions and ideas. You all are all trying falling into this very problmatic minset that everyone has to be perfect or else they have to be shunned completely. But no one is perfect. And you shouldnt be digging on his personal blogs for OLD information to slander him with, 

Accpet it. No one is perfect, and tumblr has a bad habit of blwoing things out of porportion. so what if his message was reposted from a slightly problematic page. His message was to not forget the lives of the cops who had been killed on duty. Newsflash. He is a cop. This is less of a problematic statment and more of a “hey guys the media hasnt been covering these deaths becuase it doesnt view them as important. please dont forget the people who died”

Though with tumblr’s hating on all cops and thinking all cops are corrupt, it wass inevitable for someone to start a slandering fest. 

Good going guys. Other website owners have been looking at how you guys act towards the admins, (tearing apart everything they say, and forcing them to spend needless time trying to find the perfect wording so they dont offend people, which could have been spent working on the site.) it is no wonder they dont talk to us much, when whenever they do post, we attack them on every little thing.

Hey if you’re a dragonfucker trying to figure out who I am

Let me save you the trouble

I am someone who was friends with the FR admins back when they played world of warcraft, this incident has effectively ended my near-ten year acquaintance with them

I do not have a grudge, I am not trying to dig up ‘dirt’, Akiri said some terrifying shit on facebook and I blew the whistle on it because I’m Black and Angry, that’s all there is to it

One of Flight Rising’s creators is a racist police officer.


You are such scum for posting this, you know that right?

Akiri is not “racist.” If you bothered to actually read you would see that he is protesting the notion that black lives don’t matter so long as they aren’t police officers, because hey! He is a police officer.

Really, you are what’s wrong with this nation.

"Everyone lives matter. So long as they aren’t a cop. Hurhur!" You laugh.

Please go back into your scummy hellhole and stop spreading shit around for shits and giggles. Akiri isn’t the racist/bigot in this situation. You are.

And as an after thought, I hope you never need the police, because honestly, I wish that they could deny service to tumblrinas like you, who think that all police are scum, because you are so *very* edgy.

Thankfully they cannot do that, and they have to help your sorry ass.

anonymous asked:

I'm doing this on anon because I don't want to deal with hate mail, but I completely agree with you on not seeing anything overtly racist in what Akiri supposedly said. Just wanted you to know you weren't alone since I know you're right in it being an unpopular opinion and likely to get hate for it.

I completely understand being on anon, no worries there. I just felt the need to put my two cents in on it since so many people are jumping on the “He’s racist!” bandwagon and ready to throw him under a bus so to speak. I stand by what I said though, there was nothing racist there, and while I’ve gotten a lot of hate for it (none of which I’m answering) I have gotten a few supporters and it’s appreciated, thank you.

Alright, read the screenshots from Akiri’s FB.

And I’ve concluded that he didn’t say anything racist. 

He also can’t control what other people post on FB. So blaming him for those comments is beyond stupid.

I agree with anothers comment that the person who made the original post with the screen shots is just a sjw looking to cause drama either because they’re bored and/or because they like the attention and chaos that comes with it.

rubydragon52 asked:

Looking at some people's responses to that BS akiri post makes me sad :/

The thing is, if the accusations of racism (and specifically antiblackness from a white american cop, at least from what a non-murkan understands the situation to be) are true, people are entirely entitled to be unsettled by that noise.

BUT at the same time: I fell into the “reblog everything that looks bad” trap a few times when I was new to tumbls only to discover that I was spreading blatantly false and actively harmful info — stuff that helps abusers track down their victims or people who use tumblr’s dox-happy nature to get revenge on their exes by photoshopping racist/sexist/transphobic comments etc. So I’m reluctant to take “some person on tumblr has said this” until I can find a few corroborating sources, just in case it is some wiseass taking advantage of tumblr’s vocal gut reaction to racism/sexism/etc. 

I’m not dismissing it as BS since I haven’t seen anyone disprove it (or even given much time for anyone to back up the proof), but I’m also not gonna reblog it as truth until I’m confident in its veracity, you dig me

Lmao. You’re all leaving because of that Akiri bullshit? The only reason this is even being brought up is because there are so few fr staff.  It’s easier for you creeps to relentlessly stalk them. 

Do you think there’s any browser game out there that doesn’t have bad people in it? What akiri  said and posted wasn’t even remotely bad. 

There are blogs,  games,  social media sites,  almost anything out there you can think of, that are run by rapists, pedophiles,  abusers,  murderers,  people that have actually committed a crime,  actually devastated lives,  but yet…. you’re all so hell bent on destroying the lives and reputations of a man who has done nothing wrong other than say something that can be taken to be mildly offensive. He doesn’t deserve to be run out and lose his fucking job over it. 

Sit the fuck down or go after people that actually cause damage. There are ALWAYS going to be people with shitty opinions,and I know you think that those opinions cause bad behavior and abuse,  but that’s only when such opinions are paired with a lack of common sense and self control.  There are a ton of people with prejudice feelings that NEVER act on it or harm people because of it. Those people don’t deserve to have their lives stalked and ruined.  

Bad opinions are not a reason to fuck people over like this.  If he outwardly exhibits behavior that causes real harm to others,  cool.  Tear him a new asshole. Until then,  shut the fuck up. 

anonymous asked:

Different anon because also afraid and embarrassed because I'm not exactly sober. The screenshots seem to come from somebody who knows him because he profile is private and they had 5 mutual friends. Also, I checked out the narcotic cop group and there were also a lot of things like cat pictures and silly jokes and cops posing in front of fuck the police signs. I hope I'm sending this to the right blog.

I understand about not wanting to come off anon, don’t worry about that. And yeah, I kind of figured it was from someone that was a friend since he’s had his page set to private for a very long time. Honestly, it seems like people are just looking for things to be pissed about because they’re unsatisfied with FR and how the admin are running things, so they’re digging up stuff, taking things out of context and spreading it to get others upset and angry. Personally it saddens me that they’re trying to make something out of nothing, he said nothing racist and as far as I can see there is nothing to be mad at in what he said/posted but the shit-stirrers are damned determined to cause issues from what they think they see…or what they wish was actually there.