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Is there a post with every Ayahina moment? I am trash for these two

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(Page numbers are according to Batoto btw)


1 - (p. 5) First on-page conversation

15 - (p. 4-6) Ayato asks Hinami to be his ears

31 - (p. 12)  Ayato is held back by Naki to stop him from rescuing Hinami [Thank you, @wishes-upon-dreams!]

33 - (p. 8-13) Ayato asks Aogiri to rescue Hinami, remembers their first meeting

65 - (p. 16-17) Ayato announces his plan to rescue Hinami

69 - (p. 14-16) Ayato remembers sparing Hinami from killing an innocent and their subsequent talk about why she joined Aogiri

72 - (p. 12-13) Their reunion

84 - (p. 7) Ayato helps a wounded Hinami and takes revenge for her, (p. 10) Hinami screams Ayato’s name when he’s grievously wounded

117 - (p. 8-10) Ayato comforts Hinami over Akira

As before, please put any moments I’ve missed in the Replies!

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awesome, then can I get the boys (including Goro if you don't mind) reaction to a s/o who is foreign and accidentally got dragged into the metaverse with them?


  • As someone who is also not native, even if not in the same way, he instantly felt a connection with them
  • Their relationship came on quick, and they became his S/O in a matter of weeks
  • Akira did nave a hard time with sneaking around, however
  • His S/O gets suspicious, following him one day
  • Accidentally entering the Metaverse, they screamed at the sight
  • Akira takes action first, and seeing his S/O surmised him
  • He wasn’t mad, however, as he figured that might’ve found out eventually
  • He then explains the entire situation
  • No matter how they react, he knows he must continue on, and explains it boldly
  • He might also invite them into the Phantom Thieves, albeit not into the main group unless they had the potential 


  • As someone who is also bullied, his S/O tried to make friends with him, hoping they could help him out a bit
  • While hesitant and coming off cold at first, he eventually accepts their friendship
  • They fall in love after a few months, and this happens before Akira arrives
  • Both Ryuji and his S/O become Akira’s friend, however only Ryuji becomes part of the Phantom Thieves
  • But one day, his S/O stumbles into the Metaverse, utterly confused
  • Ryuji is the one to yell for them, surprised that they entered
  • He gets them out ASAP
  • He then explains about being a Phantom Thief
  • He tries to make it better by explaining that he’s doing this to help out people like them, getting oppressed
  • He won’t want them joining, but Akira still offers


  • His S/O met him though him asking if he could use them as art inspiration, loving the foreign appeal
  • They agreed, and the two bonded through the whole process
  • The two hung out more, and then eventually they became his S/O
  • When Yusuke started hanging out with them less, they became slightly suspicious
  • They went on a mission to find him, which ended up with them entering the Metaverse
  • They were surprised, but kept silent not to warn anyone, following them
  • Eventually though, after Morgana turned into a bus and was about to drive away, they finally gave in and showed themselves
  • Yusuke was just as confused himself at what to do, and eventually Akira steps in to tell them what was going on
  • Yusuke eventually snaps out of it, and apologizes
  • Would most likely be the one to want his S/O as a Phantom Thief, so he could protect them at all times


  • His S/O was probably a fan of his at first, thinking it was so cool a kid like him could do so much
  • Goro fell in love instantly, making sure he hung around them as often as possible
  • They eventually became a couple, albeit secretly, as he knew his popularity and them being an alien would bring up too much controversy
  • Goro did his best to keep his S/O away from his Palace killings, but it was for noting
  • Eventually his S/O stumbled into one of them, and Goro had to face the consequences
  • He’s not too surprised to find him, since anxiety had made him worried about the situation already
  • He gives in, explaining what he has been doing, the murders he’s been causing and solving himself
  •  He was sure his S/O would leave him, but they never did
  • They decide to stick with him through and through, accompanying him on his mission
  • They both face against the Phantom Thieves together, as one

Takarada Akira

A fantastic actor with a fantastic smile, Takarada-san is a well known Japanese actor, most notable for his roles as Hideto Ogata and Naotarō Daigo in the original Gojira and Godzilla: Final Wars, respectively. However, he has also been quite active in the Godzilla franchise, even within the 2014 movie, posing for publicity with Edwards and even having scenes filmed in the movie, though his parts were apparently cut from the final product. Movies of the franchise he is within are as follows!

  • Gojira (1954)
  • Mothra vs Godzilla (1964)
  • Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965)
  • Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966)
  • Godzilla vs Mothra (1992)
  • Godzilla Final Wars (2004)
  • Godzilla (2014)

I thought I’d already done a character introduction but I hadn’t DX!!! I won’t go into the synopsis of the game since that’s already been translated but I’d like to show the cast and give a mini rundown of their personality!!

cv. Sakurai Takahiro

Leader of the bad students, a boy with red hair. Though he has a scary appearance and demeanor because he doesn’t speak much, is respected by everyone in his team. His item is a “red thread”.

cv. Suwabe Junichi

He’s a member of the bad kids in school. Though he looks mean, his true personality is the quite kind. This current personality is a result of being in this school. His item is a “white ball”.

cv. Ishida Akira

A quiet and strange person, he’s not a good person or bad. Everyone recognizes him for his unique personality. His item is a “sketchbook”.

cv. Hanae Natsuki

He transfered into the school at the same time as the heroine. Very neurotic and has a habit of always studying, no matter the place or time. His item is “study tools”.

^White-Haired Moral Committee Member^
cv. Tachibana Shinnosuke

As with all members of the Morals Committee, he wears a special uniform along with a mask to hide his face/identity. He behaves like a doll, showing no emotion.

I’m getting this game for the cast, as usual XD, but I think the story will be really interesting as well. I haven’t played the Japanese version of this game but it seems unique enough.

I’d say that one of these is not like the others, but then I remembered that SU is a cute, family friendly action-adventure show that also happens to have

  • Monster’s made out of hands
  • Monster’s with the sci-fi equivalent of STD’s, apparently used as a metaphor for mental illness
  • A character fusing with said monster and gaining the figurative STD, represented on screen with discoloration of the skin and large stone spikes growing like warts
  • An episode with a direct homage to Re-animator
  • A mascot costume with Ketchup Blood and French Fry Flesh
  • An episode with with a direct homage to Akira
  • A character who briefly had literal eyes like mirrors
  • That same character, except this time with an infinite amount of water pouring out of the holes where her eyes and mouth should be
  • A lovecraftian mass of shattered gems (i.e. Gem Flesh) located in the Earth’s core
  • A character being consumed by a cheese doppelganger of her twin sister
  • A character who almost has the figurative STD go away… except only partially.
  • Uncle Grandpa
  • A vagina monster with teeth and an eyeball. I am not kidding.