akira kubodera

Scene 1

so Serizawa is just not minding his own business fucking shit up when


YUP IT’S EVERYONE’S FAVORITE SUZUKI SHOGO KAZAMA UH, DEMON (but not really because Shiranui is lowkey better, if he can be lowkey anything)

now let me ask you would you fuck with… never mind, yes, you would. or at least I would. so let me rephrase that: would you provoke this guy??

bc Serizawa is provoking this guy. My money’s on Kazama if they fight.

real talk for a sec: Is this the scene in the geisha house where Kazama says he’s not long for this world? That’s the only time they meet and certainly the only time Serizawa laughs like he does.

So then Kazama lets him live a little longer and just kinda watches him walk off. He coulda saved everyone a lot of work and pain if he just offed the guy, but w/e. He has important arias to sing. But first:


…cue the first song. I’ll stick that in the next one. Prepare for a lot more rambling. I pray this ends up being entertaining.


A compilation of reaction images and miscellaneous humor! You’ve seen a couple of them before, but there’s some new ones to balance ’em out. (Someone please tell me I’m funny.) (1/1)


[CHARACTER] Kuroi, Akai, Shiroi & Hanako.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: 黒井 、赤井、白井 & 花子
Romaji: Kuroi, Akai, Shiroi & Hanako

Role: One-shot characters
Type: Human
Alignment/Organization: Civilian
First appearance: Act Zero
Last appearance: Act Zero
Status: Alive
Actors: Akira Kubodera (Kuroi), Hiroyuki Matsumoto (Akai), Yoshito Endo (Shiroi), Jun Masuo (Hanako)


  • The actors that played the Shitennou also portrayed these police officers.