akira skirt

Seijou in Skirts

Yo, so recently, I have created a new headcanon. 


- Oikawa wants to wear a skirt but is pretty insecure about it cause he doesn’t know how his classmates will take it

- Iwaizumi keeps encouraging him to try it because he knows how much Oikaa really wanted to try it. 

- (”Come on Shittykawa. Just try it for a day.”

“Mean Iwa-chan! Call me something nicer! Besides, why would I want to wear a skirt? Skirts are for girls. Now come on! There’s a toss I wanted to try out…”

- So Iwaizumi talks to the other third years, and they all show up the next day with skirts- Hanamaki rocking a miniskirt and Matsukawa straight-faced in a flowy knee skirt.

- Now, Oikawa is pretty shocked, and so is everyone else, but surprisingly, no one really says anything about it? So they just keep wearing skirts, switching up the skirts.

- But the third years tell the rest of the volleyball team, and soon everyone’s wearing skirts to school! Yahaba and Kunimi even go shopping together for skirts, with a grumpy, yet happy Kyoutani trudging along behind them. 

- And then Oikawa finally feels confident enough to wear skirts to school! And everyone complements him and Iwaizumi is really, really proud. 

so about seijou boys in skirts:

  • Oikawa wears the sexiest skirts, the shorter the better. He absolutely loves it when people around him get distracted
  • Iwaizumi prefers tartan skirts, he wears them with leather jacket and everyone thinks he looks super cool
  • Hanamaki loves flower patterns. He owns more skirts than anyone at their school, girls included
  • Matsukawa prefers longer ones in pastel colors
  • Kindaichi is a fan of girl’s uniform, he likes pleated skirts
  • Kunimi likes classic skirts. He always looks so elegant, older girls often ask for his advice
  • Yahaba likes to wear the most ridiculous ones. He says he’s still looking for his own style
  • Kyoutani doesn’t care about types of skirts. Is it comfortable? Good. It has small cats on it? Even better
  • Watari sews skirts for himself and the rest of the team is seriously impressed