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Seijou in Skirts

Yo, so recently, I have created a new headcanon. 


- Oikawa wants to wear a skirt but is pretty insecure about it cause he doesn’t know how his classmates will take it

- Iwaizumi keeps encouraging him to try it because he knows how much Oikaa really wanted to try it. 

- (”Come on Shittykawa. Just try it for a day.”

“Mean Iwa-chan! Call me something nicer! Besides, why would I want to wear a skirt? Skirts are for girls. Now come on! There’s a toss I wanted to try out…”

- So Iwaizumi talks to the other third years, and they all show up the next day with skirts- Hanamaki rocking a miniskirt and Matsukawa straight-faced in a flowy knee skirt.

- Now, Oikawa is pretty shocked, and so is everyone else, but surprisingly, no one really says anything about it? So they just keep wearing skirts, switching up the skirts.

- But the third years tell the rest of the volleyball team, and soon everyone’s wearing skirts to school! Yahaba and Kunimi even go shopping together for skirts, with a grumpy, yet happy Kyoutani trudging along behind them. 

- And then Oikawa finally feels confident enough to wear skirts to school! And everyone complements him and Iwaizumi is really, really proud. 

so about seijou boys in skirts:

  • Oikawa wears the sexiest skirts, the shorter the better. He absolutely loves it when people around him get distracted
  • Iwaizumi prefers tartan skirts, he wears them with leather jacket and everyone thinks he looks super cool
  • Hanamaki loves flower patterns. He owns more skirts than anyone at their school, girls included
  • Matsukawa prefers longer ones in pastel colors
  • Kindaichi is a fan of girl’s uniform, he likes pleated skirts
  • Kunimi likes classic skirts. He always looks so elegant, older girls often ask for his advice
  • Yahaba likes to wear the most ridiculous ones. He says he’s still looking for his own style
  • Kyoutani doesn’t care about types of skirts. Is it comfortable? Good. It has small cats on it? Even better
  • Watari sews skirts for himself and the rest of the team is seriously impressed

Maid Midosuji shaking his hips for you.

anonymous asked:

I just noticed that the faces on the mosiac outer senshi image resemble the old animation/ and manga look. instead of shiny eyes that we see in S3, which is weird because the hair and the skirts look Akira Takahashi.

I assume you mean this one?

I noticed that too! 

That’s actually the way that I have been drawing their eyes in most of my season 1 & 2 fan art. It looks a lot more like the manga and 90′s anime.

Maybe this one was drawn after Toei completed the Infinity Arc and this is what they will look like in the Dream Arc? i don’t know…

The eyes look prettier and more expressive in my opinion.