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Do you think that in the confrontation of Amon and Donato we will have some kind of parallel with the meeting between Urie and Donato? I mean something like Donato hurt someone that Amon cares in front of him (maybe Seidou or Akira).

It could. A lot of what Donato says to Urie definitely applies to Amon as well, and he provoked Urie into framing out and left him there, so my presumption would be that this might provoke Amon into a frame out. @lunaamatista pointed out on twitter yesterday that Amon’s arm looks like it’s getting worse, which could be foreshadowing a frame out:

Plus his RC count is kind of off the charts.

Yes, I think it’s possible Donato will hurt someone in front of Amon. It’s possible that Amon’s consequence for abandoning Seidou is for Seidou to wind up hurt, but Akira’s a more likely option imo. I do not think Akira will die, but Amon’s already been shown to be provoked when Akira’s at risk (on Rushima) and also given his hero complex, if he’s not able to save someone he cares about because he frames out, well. That could be a lesson learned. 

Thank you for the ask!

So I just realized something

When you max out Yusuke’s social link, he mentions that one day he’d like to paint Akira’s smile. Which is adorable in and of itself.

I realized that it implies that Akira happens to smile quite often around Yusuke? If not the Phantom Thieves in general?

It becomes more obvious when you talk to Iwai, Takemi, and Sojiro.

While shopping at Untouchables: Iwai comments that Akira looks so serious.

While shopping at the clinic: Takemi asks him, “What’s with the serious look on your face?”

If you talk to Sojiro, he will comment that you appear to be scowling a lot.

So it’s either that Akira has a massive RBF around adults, or he always seems to look unhappy on a daily basis. I can’t fault him for it considering how he’s treated.

But clearly he smiles around Yusuke and Yusuke finds his smile beautiful enough to paint. And that’s fucking cute.

So I was looking at the persona casts’ ages at around the time P5 would be taking place and I’m crying.
K, so on the wiki, people have gaged Rise to be about 21 by the end of the game (cause she’s apparently developed a sex appeal after hitting 20. It’s in game during a commercial thingy I’m pre sure. Can’t recall 100% when off the top of my head though), so this has the game taking place at least 4 years after all the P4 shenanigans. This puts our yaso-second year babies at about 21-22, and Nao and Kanji at about 20-21
With this in mind, the port island-second years are 24, third years are 25, anD KEN MY SMOL SON IS
E I G H T E E N.
(Again, this is with the belief that the game falls in line with the 2016/2017 year)
THEN - here’s where it hits - this means that the main babes from P2IS (Tatsu, Ei, etc) are 35, Naoya/Earring Babe’s crew from P1 are in and around 37-38, Maya is 40, Katsuya is 42…
You guys I started crying my faves aren’t teenagers anymore I shouldn’t be emotional about this dammit

Unconditional love

What unites Tsukiyama, Touka, and Hide as the three aces is unquestionably their love of Kaneki. I see people saying that since Touka romantically loves him and Tsukiyama was romantically obsessed with him Hide’s love must be romantic too, but I don’t actually think that’s the case, though it could be. 

The word used apparently is the same word Saiko used to refer to both Urie in 112 (I have no idea if it’s romantic or platonic there but I lean towards platonic) and Mutsuki during the Rose Arc (which I think is platonic), and the word Akira used for Takizawa and Amon at the end of the first TG (which was probably romantic for both), which means it’s completely ambiguous and could be either. 

If it does turn out to be the case that this is romantic love, I’m fine with it. I actually think it doesn’t matter whether it’s platonic or romantic, because what unites our three aces–Touka, Tsukiyama, and Hide–is that they all love Kaneki unconditionally, regardless of the form that love takes. They’ve all seen Kaneki at his worst and still love him. Maybe Hide’s love is romantic. Maybe it’s not. I don’t think it ultimately matters which form it is. 

I’m also kind of tired of this idea that platonic love is somehow less powerful or less meaningful than romantic love. It’s not. Platonic love is just as beautiful and just as capable of helping someone grow and heal. Love will save Kaneki and whether it’s romantic or platonic won’t ultimately be the difference in saving him.

  • Akira: Ann you have to help me with Yusuke
  • Akira: he gives me butterflies every time we see each other I can't handle it any more
  • Ann: that's so cute, you should ask him ou-
  • *Akira opens a box revealing four hundred butterflies*
  • Ann:
  • Akira: he said I'd appreciate their artistic value but I can't feed them all. I'm running out of room for them. what am I supposed to do with four hundred butterflies.
Mutsuki, Hinami, and the Need to Tear Down the OEK Throne

You didn’t think that just because Mutsuki didn’t appear in this chapter I wasn’t going to talk about him, did you? ;) I’m predictable I’m sorry

Both Hinami and Mutsuki–children of Kaneki’s in a sense, though not biologically–have an unhealthy way of relating to him in terms of their own identity. (I wouldnt say Hinami is in love with Kaneki, it seems like more of a schoolgirl crush in my opinion, but there’s definitely this sense of “I need your approval.”) Hinami’s Kaneki worship isn’t quite as toxic as Mutsuki’s because it’s not like she’s wanting to die here or going out of her way to try to commit suicide by Juuzou just to win his approval, but I think there is still a parallel.

In counseling there’s something called four styles of communication, which are often present in how we respond to stress in relationships and can be briefly summarized by this (admittedly simplified) description of their mindset:

Passive: I’m not okay, you’re okay
Aggressive: I’m okay, you’re not okay
Passive-aggressive: I’m not okay, you’re not okay
Assertive: I’m okay, you’re okay

Everyone falls into each category at different points in times, though there tends to be one default for every person and obviously assertive is the healthy form. Mutsuki’s is aggressive: he thinks he will be okay as long as Kaneki (who is not okay for leaving him) comes back:

The ultimate extreme of aggressive behavior is homicide. Which, uh, we kind of see with Mutsuki.

Hinami’s is passive: she believes she is not okay, but Kaneki is:

And the ultimate extreme of passivity is suicide. Hinami’s not trying to martyr  herself here unlike Kaneki a la Cochlea, but she’s still fine with dying even if it means ignoring her mother’s request for her to live. I don’t think she made the wrong decision to protect her pregnant friend and the Aogiri kids so please don’t think I’m criticizing her or downplaying how noble she was or how beautiful her almost-sacrifice was; rather, I’m trying to point out that Hinami still has growing to do as a character. Others have pointed out that Hinami stifled her feelings when she comforted Akira:

Again, I’m not saying this was the wrong thing to do (I rather think it was the mature thing), but simply that Akira isn’t the only hurt person who matters here, and if you’re going to create a world where ghouls matter just as much as humans, their feelings have to matter too.

The point is the both Mutsuki and Hinami are ignoring the people they still have to live for–for Mutsuki, Urie (who has feelings for him and just wanted to take Mutsuki home when he was captured on Rue Island) and Saiko; for Hinami, Ayato (who has feelings for her and just wanted to take her home when she was captured in Cochlea) and her mother’s dying wish for her to live–and focusing on Kaneki and whether he’s near them or they have his approval instead. He’s a surrogate father figure for both, so it makes sense, but it’s healthy, and it’s led to stagnated growth for Hinami and a downward spiral for Mutsuki.

But how was Mutsuki to get the message this isn’t a healthy thing, when Kaneki was the first father figure who seemed to care about him and Sasaki was renowned for his prowess in the CCG and Mutsuki was told his way forward was to become a stronger investigator?

How is Hinami supposed to move past it when she joined Goat, which has centered itself on one personality who isn’t up to the task (and frankly, Ken never asked for this role–then again, he accepted it, so make of that what you will)?

NB: I think it’s interesting that the narrative uses Hajime, another orphaned character with clear parallels to Hinami–his parents’ murders convinced Amon to help kill her mother–and to Mutsuki, as a child taken advantage of an experimented on by the CCG–to point this out to the reader quite recently.

If this is Kaneki coming back to save Hinami, maybe that’s the point. That his role won’t ever be as a good king (*looks to Amon*), but rather he needs to tear the throne down, like Eto said. Maybe he’ll finally take ownership of his life and decisions (I still think Goat will accomplish its mission and Kaneki will be a part of that, a catalyst even, but maybe not as the king). Maybe his growth isn't  supposed to be in the direction of being a king after all, but rather towards whom he wants to be.

And that’s where the original character who was unhealthily obsessed with Kaneki comes in:

There is definitely a building tension between Tsukiyama and Kaneki over how he’s running his kingly duties (as well as a lot of unresolved business named Karren):

Tsukiyama’s passivity isn’t going to last very long because he is not, at his default, a passive character. I do expect him and Kaneki to have words, maybe even fight, about all of this, especially if that is Kaneki’s kagune and he left the scavenging squad. I don’t think he will betray Kaneki, but there’s definitely a storm brewing–a storm that I think ultimately will be very important for breaking down the characters’ unhealthy idolizations of Kaneki, and instead seeing him as just a human being, lovable and worthy of respect, but still flawed, instead of as a king or as a god who can save them all/fix all their problems.

Give the world a factory reset, please, Kaneki.

You know how the coffee you make at leblanc can refill you SP (i think)?

Imagine Ryuji not drinking it because he doesn’t like coffee. Akira’s passing the coffee to the others and when he gets to Ryuji, he won’t accept it. Now imagine Akira making a separate batch that caters to Ryuji’s taste buds. 

Your boy understands your taste, Ryuji.

Persona 5 Names + Autocorrect

A Kira Khrushchev
Ann tabanaki
Ryuji Nakamoto
Yup Kira hawala
Furans/Football/Guyana Sakura
Gary okapi
Gorilla a ketchup
Sokoto Sakura
Saw Nikita

Beyond hope?

Time for me to blabber about Mutsuki some more because #whynot I see a lot of people saying he’s too far gone to be redeemed, and while his actions are certainly disturbing and someone needs to stop him soon (and he will face consequences for them), I just really, really don’t think “too far gone” fits with the themes of the manga, or with Mutsuki’s character. I could of course be wrong, but we’ve seen plenty of other characters come back from similar acts. (This isn’t to bash any of these characters, because I pretty much love almost all of TG’s characters–except for, like, Tokage et al–and it isn’t to say that people have to like or root for/can’t be mad at Mutsuki; it’s fine for people to have their own opinions.)

We have seen several characters try to kill a main character’s human best friend or romantic interest for purely selfish reasons and go on to be redeemed:

We’ve also seen Kaneki use Shiono against Eto in a similar fashion to how Mutsuki’s using Yoriko, and Shiono actually wound up dead. It is terrible and not okay in any of these circumstances, but it didn’t make Kaneki past the point of no return.

We have seen a violent, sadistic murderer character romantically obsessed with Kaneki to an unhealthy point go on to recover:

Hell, Shuu even helped plan Kaneki and Touka’s wedding celebration for them. Good job, Shuu.

While I desperately hope Mutsuki does not kill Yomo because I love Yomo and the idea of him dying makes me feel sick (and I’m honestly not sure Mutsuki will kill Yomo; if he does I’ll be mad at him but still root for him), we have seen someone who killed a loved one who sacrificed themselves for a main character be forgiven by that character and work alongside them:

Kaneki deliberately chose to ensure that Karren would sacrifice herself for Shuu in order to spare Shuu and Ui. Shuu forgave him for that, and it’s also worth remembering that Amon and Akira forgave Touka for killing Kureo, and Hinami helped Kaneki save Akira even though she knew her father killed her parents.

We’ve seen characters who suffer from mental disturbances engage in acts of extreme violence (including against former friends) and go on to grow:

Takizawa (and Tsukiyama actually) I never thought would get any kind of redemption, and look at him (them) now. You could argue that some of these situations are framed slightly differently by the narrative, but many of them are not. And I haven’t even brought up all the things characters like Kaneki, Amon, Ayato, and Touka have come back from (Touka and Ayato were my original favourite murder children in this series). One of my favourite things about Tokyo Ghoul is how morally gray every single character is–no one is fully evil and no one is fully heroic.

I kind of think the fact that characters are never beyond the point of no return is one of the points of Tokyo Ghoul. Characters who are narratively beyond that point (Furuta) still have shades of gray in them and complex motivations, and the story makes clear it’s their choices that are paving their paths to destruction (which seems to be exactly what Furuta, for example, wants anyways, as he’s essentially given up on ever receiving any kind of love). Characters who want love and a place to belong and prioritize finding it–however messed up, counterproductive, and downright wrong that prioritizing might be–usually do find it eventually, even if it’s not where they expected to find it. Additionally, characters who have people who care about them in particular tend to recover. I’m not saying I see a happy ending for everyone, or even for Mutsuki specifically, but I do expect him to find some peace even if he doesn’t survive the manga, since that’s most consistent with the manga’s themes. 


Those Phantom Thief girls are going to steal your heart!

Gosh I love these good good Persona 5 girls.  I honestly don’t think I could ever pick a favourite.

You know, I think the older women romances in Persona 5 are there, at least in part, for older players. Like maybe a player in their 20′s or 30′s is more attracted to characters closer to their own age or possibly isn’t super comfortable with having their player avatar date high school girls even if the avatar is supposed to be high school age as well.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that if you want to denounce those routes, you should consider them from the perspective of the real world and the person playing the game in addition to the one in-universe because Akira is meant as a player avatar and not every player is going to be his age.