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I always wondered why tsukishima caught so much flack for not being energetic or not putting in extra efforts. He did what he was supposed to do and he did it well. It didn’t seem fair especially when there’s characters like kunimi and kenma and taichi who aren’t asked to change. But now that I’ve thought about it, there are a lot of factors in play. Up until now, I’ve thought of it as “tsukishima was wrong”. He was wrong in not practicing more or “showing his passion”. That’s what I thought the message was, and I think a lot of people think of it like that too. But the fact of the matter is, it’s not a simple matter of everyone else being “right” and tsukishima being “wrong”. There was nothing wrong with him not being passionate otherwise the way people treat kunimi and kenma wouldn’t make much sense. Tsukishima wasn’t doing anything inherently wrong by being uninspired and unmotivated. It would have been wrong if he didn’t fulfill his role, but that wasn’t the case. Even while complaining about him, ukai couldn’t say that tsukishima didn’t fulfill his responsibilities. Because it’d have been untrue. Tsukishima showed up at practice on time and stayed the duration, he learned to read block, he learned to recieve better, he learned the synchronized attack, and he even balanced his schoolwork with his extracurriculars perfectly. If it were just a matter of responsibility then tsukishima met his better than hinata or kageyama. So what was the problem?

Well part of it was simply that his environment required him to have more enthusiasm than he was showing. Kenma is in nekoma, kunimi’s in seijoh, kawanishi is in shiratorizawa. Their teams permit and can easily accomodate their lackluster attitudes. But karasuno can’t. That’s not the kind of team they are. Their playstyle and goals can’t accomodate that. And, with a few exceptions, the players have got to try and accomodate their teams as much as the teams accomodate them. If he were someone like hinata or kyoutani or bokuto or ushijima things may have been different. Those are the chracters that recklessly charge forward without worrying what kind of environment their teams have. They reshape the team. People work around them. And maybe that’s a good thing and maybe it’s not, either way it’s a thing. But tsukishima is nothing like them. He HAD to learn to accomodate the team a bit, his team needed him to have a different attitude. If he went to aoba jousai, oikawa might have found some way to fit him in without making him change. If he were in nekoma, he might have had to change but it probably would have been a slower burn. If he went to shiratorizawa then it wouldn’t have mattered as long as he could play and play well. But he went to karasuno, they needed something else from him. And luckily, it wasn’t something he didn’t already have.

And that’s probably the second factor. It’s not like tsukishima didn’t have enthusiasm or that he truly didn’t care, he was just afraid to show it. Kunimi’s lackluster attitude and play style is something he’s turned into an advantage. Kenma’s is both an advantage and just a fact of life, that’s just the way he is. Point is, none of the other unenthusiastic players were unsatisfied with what they were giving. They were playing in a way that made them happy, that achieved their goals. But tsukishima was different. He was competitive. He wanted to win. And having such a competitive and victory-obsessed team aggravated that even more. The problem was that he was scared of what might happen. He wasn’t playing in a way that achieved his goals, he was too afraid to set goals in the first place. He was almost afraid the expectations would kill him. He didn’t lack drive, he was just burying it. And that’s a lot different from naturally being like that. Forget the team, if it were just that the team needed him to be different I’d have said that he should have just bummed off and found another club. There is no reason for someone to change who they are against their will for a sports club. But he had to change for himself too and that makes all the difference. What he was doing, the burying his emotions and hiding from something he loved out of fear and anxiety, it wasn’t healthy. He had to change that sooner or later.

Anyways that’s what I think about it. I’m super proud and happy about the interest tsukishima’s showing now.

I was thinking about Stuckony and I how I tend to put Tony in middle, and so I started asking myself why him in the middle and not Bucky or Steve? 

The more I mulled it over, the more a headcanon formed. It makes sense for a lot of people to expect Steve to be the center of attention in the trio due to Steve’s connection to Tony and Bucky, and while Steve may enjoy it when he is the center of attention with said boyfriends, it makes sense that Steve would get extra joy seeing Bucky and Tony love on each other.

There are two reasons for this: 1.) Steve knows his feelings; he knows he loves them, and he knows they love him in return. However, Bucky and Tony’s pasts are enmeshed in a way that would at a glance make it appear impossible for them to have a romantic relationship. Seeing the two be romantic to each other would soothe his worries. 2.) Steve just loves seeing his boyfriends happy. They all have led hard lives and he just wants everyone happy. 

So why not Bucky in the middle? 

I can see Bucky, like Steve, enjoying the love and attention (heck, even spurring his boyfriends on), but what was really interesting for me was the more I mulled on it the more an idea formed. What if when Bucky is happy and in good spirits he loves Steve and Tony’s attention on him? However, (and contrary to usually how these scenarios are written) Bucky can’t stand being in the middle when he is having a bad day? He just absolutely loathes it. What makes him feel better is being the doting partner. 

Bucky feels like he’s done so much damage in his life when he’s in one of his moods, and so what makes him feel better is making others happy. When Steve or Tony try to give him extra affection during this mind set, it just makes his skin crawl and makes him feel even more unworthy of love. Him stealing Steve’s breath away with a passionate kiss, or hugging Tony and making the genius laugh? That’s what makes his day. 

Then there is Tony. Tony loves love. He may try to hide it, but when he’s in love he likes to show it. His methods of display may be a little roundabout, but he does make his feelings known constantly.

That being said, Tony has a lot of insecurities/issues, and a lot of them tie into relationships and love (in all of its forms). Just as much as he likes to smother his boyfriends with romantic gestures and affection, he adores receiving it too. Sometimes even needs it, because, unlike Bucky, when Tony is having one of his bad days, helping others and showering his boyfriends with love just isn’t enough. He doesn’t feel like he is enough. It doesn’t matter if he saves the planet a thousand times over, he just isn’t good enough, and therefore doesn’t deserve good things. And odds are the good things he have aren’t real (such as his relationship with Steve and Bucky).  

He usually retreats away at first, but the moment Steve and Bucky catch on, they go out of their way to show Tony how much they love him.

So that’s the headcanon my brain formed while mulling over: Why do I (and quite a few others) tend to put Tony in the middle of Stuckony? 

I’ll probably mull it over some more in my free time. 

Everyone’s been getting rly emotional over Kags in ch224 being terrified that middle school would repeat itself but can i also just mention - Kindaichi was also the same way?? He literally had to be told up front by Oikawa that it was okay for him to tell Oikawa how to adjust his tosses for him, and even after that he still had to gather up his courage before he could (meekly) ask. And when Oikawa responded by simply quickly thinking over how he could properly adjust his toss to suit Kindaichi’s preferences, and then saying “Okay”, Kindaichi had been surprised. He’d been surprised that his setter was acting the way a setter should act.

it’s also implied that Kunimi was heavily impacted by middle school too, because we know that “Go all out” is one of his most hated phrases. Despite the fact that he’s naturally a lethargic person, there’s no way he could have come to truly hate the phrase unless something happened that made him associate it with anger and strong disliking. My guess? Middle school Kageyama.

Honestly, i think Kageyama, Kindaichi and Kunimi all have some sort of fear in them that middle school will repeat itself. What happened in middle school scarred all of them in different ways, but i think the common ground between them is that they never want to experience what they experienced in middle school ever again. And i think it’s important that we remember that kageyama tobio wasn’t the only one who graduated from kitagawa daiichi junior high feeling utterly terrified that whatever he’d just left behind would only repeat itself again.

On Tetsuo’s Powers and the End of Akira

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For me among others, there’s still a few questions remaining after the end of some 2000 pages of AKIRA, and one of those is certainly how Shotarou Kaneda, completely average drug-addled gang leader, was able to take down a god-tier mutant psychic that the entire UN military couldn’t get within ten feet of, who’d survived space satellites and nuclear bombs like they were nothing. In the manga, Kaneda manages to straight-up punch Tetsuo out, despite the fact that moments previously Tetsuo had decimated an entire American special ops team without so much as looking at most of them.

I’d like to contribute this as an answer: Tetsuo can’t beat Kaneda because he doesn’t believe he can. And because his powers are so grounded in his psyche, as long as he continues to see himself as inferior to Kaneda, they won’t work on him.

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I’m rereading Haikyuu again because why not and my shipper eyes caught  Yahaba cheering after Kyoutani scores:

He’s like hELL YEAH, THAT’S MY FUTURE BOYFRIEND and then I noticed Kunimi. His expression says that Yahaba isn’t one to be loud, so he’s shocked that Yahaba is fired up over Kyoutani’s point.

“Holy cow Yahaba-san chill.”

Kunimi’s shock means that Yahaba is collected and doesn’t act like that often. That is something Yahaba has only done because of Kyoutani. Oh boy.

Post auction-raid status (p1)
  • Haise Sasaki: Have a nice conversation with his little self.
  • Kaneki Ken: Doing the same thing with Haise.
  • Urie Kuki: externally proud and happy because Promotion-senpai notices him finally but internally envious of Bujin.
  • Tooru Mutsuki: Gotta get everyone together.
  • Saiko Yonebayashi: Everything is so scary but in the end I get a new BIG SIS.
  • Arima Kishou: Immediately visits his son and grandchildren (fulfill the promise). He has to make sure if Haise is still there or its now Kaneki.
  • Take Hirako: Where is my promtion?
  • Kuramoto Ito: Where is my promotion?
  • Takeomi Kuroiwa: I got some praise!!! Still, where is my promotion?
  • The rest of Take squad: PROMOTION????
  • Shimoguchi: I dont need promotion now BUT I NEED A NEW SQUAD.
  • Suzuya Juuzou: Eat.Sleep. Kill.Perhaps thinking about Mama and Shinohara papa?
  • Hanbee Abara: Senpai is such an angelic person *sobs quietly*.
  • Suzuya squad: Also eat.Sleep. Kill.
  • Hayashimura Naoto: Gotta back to his job as a beautician.
  • Houji and Ui: ...well our job is done.
Thoughts on Akira and Seidou

Whole lot of rambling and thoughts ahead!

Basically, I notice random has a tendency to over-simplify the relationship between them into one being right and the other being a bad person.

Either Akira is a bully and Seidou is an innocent kid, or Akira is a perfect Queen and Seidou is a whiny brat. Both are equally wrong.

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One scene I like in TG: Root A

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So an opinion held by quite many in the TG fandom is that the anime did a pretty poor job adapting the original series. Important scenes were left out, book references were missing, only a handful of Ishida`s ideas for Root A were used and etc… Despite this poor job there is one scene in Root A that I actually really like. It`s the one where the fighting in Cochlea is happening and Eto shows up. At first she cranks this huge meta door open just with he bare arms in her Owl form. Her claws and face are covered in blood and if that did not scare the living heck out of you, then I call me surprised.

When in the manga Eto crashed herself trough the compactor it made me think of this scene and made me wonder if something like this was in Ishida`s drafts for Root A. 

Eto then drops down and sends a huge shock wave, moving the fog around the area. Like some sort of God(or the devil) had fallen from heavens on the world of mortals. The music is also perfect in the scene,  

You can really imagine hearing something like this when something as terrifying and Godlike as Eto`s Owl form drops down from above. 

What really crowns the scene however in my opinion is Akira´s reaction. As she sees Eto drop down and understands that this things is the One Eyed Owl, the ghoul that killed her mother and made her father start the path of revenge, she is furious. Her teeth grit and her hand shakes as she tightens the grip of her quinque.  I  also like to think that Akira`s emotions at that moment were a mix of rage and fear. At front of her stands the person who took her mother away, but she is also aware how terrifying Eto can be. She has probably heard the stories about the One-Eyed-Owl and heck, Eto dropped down with a huge pile of corpses with her.

So why is nobody talking about the fact that two of Seijou’s first years were invited to the training camp while they only invited Goshiki from Shiratorizawa? I’m not saying that Oikawa is going to brag about his kouhai and rub it in Ushijima’s face…. But Oikawa is totally bragging about his kouhai and rubbing it in Ushijima’s face.

The strange pattern in chapter 93 and 94 of :re

I`ve been thinking the pattern that appears with Tooru and Kanou´s Quink`s.  

At first I thought that it`s the snake/circular pattern that has been seen before in the series, especially with Tooru. It looks like it, but something in it makes it a bit different. Maybe it`s the black dots? If we assume it`s something new I think it`s fascinating that it appears with Tooru and the Q soldier. I think it could mean a few things. 

1. In both cases one the characters has cornered another character. The Q soldier has Kurona in a choke hold, ready to break her neck, and Tooru has crushed Seidou`s private parts and is ready to kill him with his bikaku kagune. Like a predator. Makes me think of the spots that a leopard has in it`s fur: 

2. Loss of control. The Q soldier says that he has no real say into the issue, implying that Kanou controls him. So he has no control over his actions. Control is also a theme linked to Tooru, and how he slashed Akira face when he unleashed his kagune, and how violent he has become, he has lost control. His new violent side breaks out, and he hurts people close to him.