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No problem! Thank you all for sending these, and I hope you don’t mind that I meshed them together. Enjoy!

Note: I’ll be writing this in second person if that’s all right!


  • Akira would hold you really close and gently trace circles on your back.
  • He’d whisper all of the things he loves about you in between kissing your forehead.
  • In addition, he’ll express that he wants to remain by your side and help you find your confidence because he wants you to realize how incredible you truly are.
  • Akira will cuddle you in a blanket for the rest of the day, kissing the back of your head as he wraps his arms around you while you two watch TV and slowly drift to sleep.


  • It breaks Ryuji’s heart to see you cry, so he’ll hug you into his warmth and caress the back of your head with his hand.
  • He’ll frequently whisper “it’s okay, let it out” and “I’m here”.
  • Then he’ll retract a bit to look you in the eye as he wipes your tears with his thumbs, reiterating how special you are.
  • Once you’ve calmed down, he’ll shower you in numerous kisses to make you laugh and snuggle on with you.
  • Ryuji won’t leave your side for the rest of the day unless he’s going to get hot chocolate or snacks for you.


  • Ann would definitely hug you, and the softness of her hair is actually quite comforting.
  • She’s sorry that you feel this way, and she’ll tell you that you don’t need to love your flaws right away; recognizing and understanding them is the first step.
  • She’ll suggest doing some at-home activities such as baking to prevent you from dwelling, since it will do more harm than good, and sweets are known for making people happy; although, she might make you something else if you don’t like sweets.
  • Ann will cheer you up by simply talking you as she embraces you, reminiscing on all the wonderful memories you’ve made together.
  • She comments that the best memories involve the most wonderful people, like you.


  • Yusuke would hold your hands and kiss the backs of them as he listens to you.
  • On one hand, he’s glad you’re being open with your feelings, but on the hand, he doesn’t understand why you feel this way about yourself; you’re absolutely enchanting in his eyes, so what’s not to love?
  • He’ll trace your skin with his fingertips because he knows it soothes you, and he’ll tell you that even the most famous works of art have flaws, yet they’re still loved and considered magnificent to this day.
  • Yusuke’s so genuine with his consolations and compliments that it’s impossible to feel sad anymore, but if you still do, he’ll have you sit in his lap as he wraps his lithe arms around you, allowing you a first-hand view as he sketches his own rendition of your beauty.
  • It’s one of his most breathtaking illustrations.


  • Makoto will brush your hair out of your face and brush your cheeks with her fingertips.
  • She can certainly empathize with how you feel, and she tell you that it’s all right to feel sad or insecure every once in a while.
  • She’ll use the diamond analogy, saying that even diamonds go through a lot of pressure before they can truly shine.
  • Moreover, she’ll confirm that she’ll be there for you; even when the stress feels like it’s crushing you, she’ll be there cheering for you as you overcome it.
  • Makoto will make you a batch of warm, refreshing miso soup and spontaneously kiss you or tell you she loves you throughout the day.


  • Futaba easily sympathizes with you, and she’ll hug you as she tells you it’s okay.
  • Her hugs are so cathartic and inviting, so it helps you calm down a little.
  • She knows that she’s not the best with words, but she’ll try to encourage you anyway by listing all the best things about you.
  • She’ll definitely lend an ear if just need someone to talk to, and her attention doesn’t waver once.
  • Additionally she’ll either try to make you laugh by doing silly impressions of her friends, or she’ll watch your favorite show / movie with you as she rakes her fingers through your hair.


  • Haru will ask you what’s wrong and listen to you attentively as she holds your hands, gently caressing them with her thumbs.
  • She’s slightly surprised that you feel that way about yourself since you’re so full of love and warmth, but she understands how you feel.
  • She’ll hold your face with her soft hands and kiss your forehead, stating that only the most remarkable people are able to recognize and face their faults.
  • Furthermore, she’ll remind you that you’re loved dearly in spite of your insecurities, and she’ll be there if you ever need to talk, or if you simply need a hug.

zeravlarotsen  asked:

Hey so uh in honor of ace/asex awareness week who are some characters in yugioh you feel are ace?

Oh damn, you always know just what to ask!

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Okay I’m limiting it to two per series (minus Zexal since I’ve never watched it) because this post would be too goddamn long otherwise. Aside from the fact that every single ace monster is, naturally, asexual:


Seto Kaiba

Is asexual and gray-romantic. Words cannot describe how far away the concepts of sex and love are from his thought process, which is partly why he’s able to be so goddamn obsessed with his company and rivalry with Yugi. Is well aware of his asexuality, and is the lowkey benefactor of several LGBTQIA+ organizations.

Mai Kujaku

Oh, Mai. Our girl here is 100% sex indifferent; at first, she didn’t quite get why people would fall all over themselves for her, never having experienced sexual attraction herself. But she eventually figured it out, which is how she’s able to successfully play up her own sex appeal.


Johan Andersen

Gray-ace and homoromantic. Is the type of ace who never felt any angst over it. Is open to having sex with his partners, but is just as fine without it. 


The bonafide Supreme Leader of Asexual Ace Monsters. Is about as sex positive and sex favorable as they come, their desire just isn’t aimed at anyone (their fixation on Judai is more on the romantic end of things).


Jack Atlas

Is the Forever King demisexual? You bet your ass he is. Sex very rarely crosses his mind and when it does, it’s never about “just anybody”. *stares pointedly at Yusei and Carly*

Sherry Leblanc

The sex-repulsed ace who lowkey feels like she’s “broken”, but highkey doesn’t care because she’s too busy trying to avenge her parents. She’s able to reflect on it more after Z-One is defeated, and is pretty resigned to the idea that no one would ever want to be in a relationship with her… until it actually happens *stares pointedly at Aki and Crow*

Arc V


Biromantic ace who always knew how he felt, but never learned the terminology for it. You can imagine all the fun he had trying to explain his orientation to people. Eventually finds out asexuality was a thing from Yuri of all people, and that’s when everything finally clicks.

Ray Akaba

You know that meme where certain characters are asexual because they care too much about something else to think about sex at all? With Ray, it was saving the world.



This aroace motherfucker is the type who thought everyone was kidding. People didn’t really like kissing, right? Or holding hands? And why would anyone waste their time on something as trivial as a date? But then he found out nah, people really do all that unironically, and that’s when he had the “oh dear I’m queer” moment.

Akira Zaizen

The asexual who’s still in the process of figuring out he’s asexual. Being absurdly out-of-touch with his own feelings, he didn’t quite realize he was probably experiencing a lack of attraction until Ema spelled out the concept to him. But plot shenanigans are still in full swing, so, you know—gotta give our boy some time.

”Akira Kurosawa - Les films de jeunesse - Un merveilleux dimanche 素晴らしき日曜日 + Le plus dignement ” - Toho - Japan - 1947+1944 - Wild Side Video Blu-ray Edition - France - 2017

This is not a story of courage. It’s not a story of… miracles. It’s just a simple story of love. Undying love that a man had for a woman, unflinching love that a woman had for a man and unending faith that God had on their love. I got into this story thinking that this was my big ticket to Discovery Channel. I’m going to discover a story of courage, bravery, danger, miracles. But I ended up discovering love. Love that breaks you, but still keeps you together. Love that creates distances, but still brings you closer. Love that is true and forever. And I learned that if you have the power to love like that, then God makes sure that your love finds its way. All you have to do is just hang in there and wait. Wait for your time.


Akira Rai (Anushka Sharma) in Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)