akira kubodera


[CHARACTER] Kuroi, Akai, Shiroi & Hanako.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: 黒井 、赤井、白井 & 花子
Romaji: Kuroi, Akai, Shiroi & Hanako

Role: One-shot characters
Type: Human
Alignment/Organization: Civilian
First appearance: Act Zero
Last appearance: Act Zero
Status: Alive
Actors: Akira Kubodera (Kuroi), Hiroyuki Matsumoto (Akai), Yoshito Endo (Shiroi), Jun Masuo (Hanako)


  • The actors that played the Shitennou also portrayed these police officers.

A compilation of reaction images and miscellaneous humor! You’ve seen a couple of them before, but there’s some new ones to balance ’em out. (Someone please tell me I’m funny.) (1/1)

(via 沢井美優オフィシャルブログ「MY HEART」powered by Ameba)

And this was on Sawai Miyuu’s blog too! (2012-2-8)

Aw, look at them! It makes me so happy to see pictures of some PGSM cast members together, especially when they include those guys who don’t blog or otherwise give signs of life to let us know they’re okay (I’m looking at you Kubodera-san).

I ran the blog entry through babylon, and I’m not certain I get it, but it seems they’ve come to see a performance of Sawai Miyuu which made her very happy.

She calls them Ayaka-chan, Mew-chan and Kubodera-san. She also calls him a handsome guy ;D

Akira Kubodera is also on facebook now, with this awesome background picture.

I’m certain he loved those poses! He looks like he had so much fun doing them. Was perhaps asking to do some more each time they thought they were done. Ended up in the hundreds. They had to turn off the lights to make him stop. Realizing then he continued in the dark. Had to tell him his wife is on the phone and sounds urgent to finally get him off the set. He’s still doing them at home for the kids at least once per day.  ;) ;) ;)



Akira Kubodera pictures from the And Endless sites.

I finally found more pictures of Akira Kubodera from his engagement at the And Endless theatric company, thanks to fuckyeahpgsm’s latest PGSM boys feature that made me search for more. Please don’t ask me why I haven’t been able to find them earlier, I have no explanation considering that I’ve been googling the company and my favourite Japanese guy often enough but ahem, obviously googling is a skill that improves with practise…

But now I’ve got them, and here they are! Will break the pictures up in different posts, starting with some promo pictures of various plays. They’re all from the official And Endless site. I can give separate links for each picture if you don’t find them there.

And now excuse me, I’ll need a moment of caps locked fangirling off screen…

Scene 1

so Serizawa is just not minding his own business fucking shit up when


YUP IT’S EVERYONE’S FAVORITE SUZUKI SHOGO KAZAMA UH, DEMON (but not really because Shiranui is lowkey better, if he can be lowkey anything)

now let me ask you would you fuck with… never mind, yes, you would. or at least I would. so let me rephrase that: would you provoke this guy??

bc Serizawa is provoking this guy. My money’s on Kazama if they fight.

real talk for a sec: Is this the scene in the geisha house where Kazama says he’s not long for this world? That’s the only time they meet and certainly the only time Serizawa laughs like he does.

So then Kazama lets him live a little longer and just kinda watches him walk off. He coulda saved everyone a lot of work and pain if he just offed the guy, but w/e. He has important arias to sing. But first:


…cue the first song. I’ll stick that in the next one. Prepare for a lot more rambling. I pray this ends up being entertaining.


Musical “Hakuouki” Reimeiroku has finally started! The “dawn” of the Shinsengumi, the new cast gives an enthusiastic performance (½)

Our first preview shots of Reimeiroku are out!  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ