akira inspired

  • Igor: Now, imagine someone has handed you a box of items you have lost.
  • Akira: Regular calm life, what's good?
  • Ryuji: I was really missing respect! Thanks man!
  • Ann: Haha, not being constantly sexualised? I miss that
  • Yusuke: How did you manage to find my self belief? Astonishing
  • Makoto: Ahh...The taste of feeling useful...
  • Futaba: How the fuck did you fit my mom in a box-
  • Haru: I've been waiting to be re-united with my freedom!
  • Akechi: Mental stability huh, been a while.
  • Morgana: My memories?? How'd you pull that off??
  • Igor: can you guys lighten up a little

Kageyama Shigeo from Mob Psycho 100 debris and such inspired by Akira! Phew, this one was fun to do but it took a while. Hatching is fun. I love this show btw, the fights in the episodes are some of the best animation I’ve seen on tv! I need a season 2!

Gpen and digital tones in my Stillman and Birn Beta Sketchbook

TRICKSTERS - Shuake/Akeshu Enemies to Lovers Playlist

Like a moth to light, like a beast to bait
And I know the black widow eats its mate
It’s wrong but I want you tonight

For anyone interested in what I listen to while I write

Side A: Enemies
1. Fear and Delight, The Correspondents
2. Dark Times, Ed Sheeran & The Weeknd
3. Beggin For Thread, Banks
4. Castle, Halsey
5. Wicked Game, Phillip Phillips
6. River (BURNS Remix), Bishop Briggs

Side B: Lovers
7. Fools, Lauren Aquilina
8. Home, Gabrielle Aplin
9. Sinners, Lauren Aquilina
10.  Scared To Be Lonely, Samantha Harvey
11. In the Name of Love, Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha

If Kaneki was a girl, some people would hate him for being so clumsy. They would call him useless and after the Aogiri arc, they’d find him arrogant and cocky. After all, he made bad choices.

If Touka was a boy, some people would realise how complex her character is. They would enjoy how mysterious she is and they’d forgive her mistakes. They’d also realise how caring she actually is. She punched Kaneki? Nah she was just helping him, no problem.

If Ayato was a girl, some people would hate him for being so annoying. They’d find him stupid and talk about how useless it was for him to join Aogiri in order to protect hi sibling. He’d just be an arrogant brat.

If Hinami was a boy, some people would finslly notice how mature she is. They’d understand how difficult those times has been for her and how brave she is for still being able to smile. Her concern for her big sister and brother would be praised.

If Amon was a girl, some people wouldn’t care much about how strong-willed he is. They’d see him as one among others and find him irrelevant.

If Akira was a boy, some people would find her really interesting and admire her intelligence and calm behaviour. They’d feel sad for her and understand that despite what happened, she’s able to remain strong. Just look at that smirk.

If Tsukiyama was a girl, some people would find him stupid, calling him drama queen and complaining about how he’s always overreacting. The fact that he truly cared about Kaneki would soon be forgotten.

If Suzuya was a girl, some people would just label her as the psychotic annoying chick. Yes sure, he was raised by ghouls, whatever.

If Yoriko was a boy, some people would find her friendship with Touka really cute and they’d wish to see her more. She was there for her friend and thanks to her, Touka was able to have a glimpse of a ‘normal’ life.

If Hide was a girl, some people wouldn’t care less about him. They wouldn’t like how close he is to the main character and how they share a special bond.

If Eto was a boy, she’d be seen as a poor tortured individual instead of a psychotic bitch.

If Arima was a girl, some people wouldn’t care much about how mysterious he is.

And so on.

I’ve seen many posts about female characters recently and this is the result.

I’m stressing the ‘some people’ because I know not everyone thinks like this (hopefully). Of course you can dislike a character but just don’t hate (nor spread the hate) if you’d have loved a female character for the same traits as a male.

Inspired by @akira-of-the-twilight‘s winteriron shifter AU fic, Cat Nipped !!:

Taking that as a positive sign, Bucky fiddled with his armor, loosening it just a tad. Carefully he slid Tony under his chest armor and then tightened it so Tony fit snuggly inside. “What do you think?”

Tony swiveled his head then poked it out of the armor. He gophered his head back inside then meowed approvingly.

YOI x P5 Crossover AU Prompt

Instead of going back to his hometown, Akira stayed in Hasetsu with his distant aunt, Minako Okukawa due to his parents undergoing a divorce or something. 

There, Akira works as a part timer in Kachu Snack Bar and Yu-topia Katsuki and a babysitter for the Nishigori triplets, impressing the patrons with his curry and coffee making skills. And, making a curry katsu don for fun.

During his free time, he ice-skates at Ice Castle. 

When the rest of the Phantom Thieves decided to pay a surprise visit, Akira surprised them while he was on the ice. 

Ryuji: (0 _ 0) Dude…

Futaba: *recording on the phone* 

Yusuke: *making a frame with his fingers*

Later, Akira found himself bombarded with questions. 

Since a few people seemed interested when I said I’d do it, a list of every time Yang’s been compared to the sun off the top of my head:

  • I Burn: “You’re standing too close to a flame that’s burning, hotter than the sun in the middle of July.”
  • Gold: “I will burn like the sun, I will keep you safe and warm.”
  • Gray during the 2x06 Burning the Candle commentary: “So like, Yang is the sun and, hey, surprise, Blake is in shadows and whatever. And by the end of it, Blake’s a little sunnier for having been around Yang.”
  • 4x04 Family: “You’re Yang Xiao Long. My sunny little dragon.”
  • 4x09 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: “You’ve always been one to burn brighter than everyone else.”
  • Armed and Ready: “I am the golden one, who burns just like the sun.“

I’m think that’s all of them? I could be wrong though.

The one in 4x09 isn’t a direct comparison to the sun so maybe I shouldn’t count it, but the phrasing of “burn[ing] brighter than everyone else“ still brings up sun imagery to me.

There’s also Yang itself, which, according to that Akira inspired shirt they did a while ago, is written as 陽 (阳 in simplified form) which literally means “sun”.

Also, that’s three for three on Yang songs that compare her to the sun.


Life in Goat-senpai’s shoes. Part 2. After visiting the cafe a couple of times, goat-senpai wanted to create a gift for his kouhai. Its an appreciation gift for all the times she never gave up talking to him (even with his mask). Luckily, right when he finished, his kouhai ended up catching him behind the bush. Finished part 2 of goat-senpai! He’s so cute (*/∇\*)

<< Part 1

So last night I was thinking about color theory and how much I like @jorgesantiagojr‘s Mob Psycho 100 pinup, and wound up coloring it for fun!  (Luckily I got to wimp out on rendering since Jorge did so much of that in the inks, haha…)

Since the original illustration was inspired by Akira, I was thinking about how the movie used a lot of red-green color contrast, but just used that thought as a springboard for palette experimentation rather than looking up any reference or trying to match Akira’s style.

Aobajousai gothic
  • You walk into the school. It is not a school, it’s a castle and Oikawa Tooru is the King. A knight is teaching you maths.
  • You see students in the corridors. There are many. So many. All have blue eyes and similar faces that stare at you as they walk to you. No, they are running. It’s a human tide. A stonewall appeared behind you; there is no escape
  • You know about the volleyball club. It’s the only thing you know about. What does your mother look like? Smoke and haze. You recall Iwaizumi’s face.
  • Every day you can meet the team’s ace. He’s here when you arrive in the morning. He’s here when you leave at night. You’ve never seen him anywhere else. When you start to wonder how long he has been here, you notice red liquid oozing from his raw skin and eyes. You leave the gymnasium. 
  • No one initiates conversation with you except Kindaichi. He’s only legs as far as you’re concerned. Thin, bony legs with ivy running up on it. You have never seen his face, it’s up there with the ceiling.
  • There are holes in the floor and walls. Oikawa made them all. Large holes. Craters, crumbling as players’ footsteps resonate in the gymnasium. You approach to give this phenomenon a better look. You step back when you feel it sucking you in.
  • Hanamaki has warned you about it. Or was it Matsukawa. Number two or number three. You don’t know, no one does because they’re always together even when they obviously aren’t, like a ghostly reminiscence of some kind. 
  • Kunimi has never opened his mouth and you’re not sure he has one. Maybe it’s just very small. He appears out of thin air next to you and greets you with a sign of the head. “Hello” echoes from all the corners of the changing room.
  • There is a guy named Kyoutani who has not been seen in days. Or has it been months. “He is not dead.” Yahaba repeats incessantly whenever you ask. No one is worried because Yahaba has always only said the Truth according to Watari. He smiles at you. That’s usually all ever does.
  • Oikawa Tooru is the King and has a lot of courtesans. A girl offers him a rose which withers and turns to dust as soon as he takes it in his hand. The girl suffers the same fate when he shows her his smile. And then he laughs wholeheartedly. Iwaizumi scolds him but Oikawa brushes it off, as he always does. Oikawa is only serious when he plays anyway. As you stare down at the small pile of dust on the floor you wonder not if but when it will happen to you.

Rough Talon Tracer concept based on this piece. Since regular Tracer had the pilot motif going on, I opted for a style loosely inspired by motorcycle gear - fitted motorcycle jacket, pants with the knee pads that are kinda inspired by Akira from Rival Schools, and the shoes are basically Dainese Dyno Pro D1s. Also, motorcycle backpacks look really cool??? I dunno. I might play around with this a bit more when time permits. 


Headcanon for Vrains -  Some mistaken

“Aoi said something else about her so called “daddy” ”

quick sketch that I made last week, to my reaction about knowing that Akira is actually Aoi’s brother…..

PS. I still don’t believe that Akira doesn’t care about his sister…..