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[NEWS] Kawaii International’s Dansou Special

So for those of you who don’t know, Kawaii International’s latest episode was dedicated to dansou, showing the wonderful raise of dansou throughout Japan and the world. I highly recommend watching it as it has tutorials, breakdowns and lots of guest stars. Because I want you to watch it yourself I’m not going to go into much detail but: 

Some of the great names featured are KERA’s Akira, ROOT, KERA’s Onii & Fudanjuku. As well as tips on dansou make-up, hair, clothing and posing~ 

It’s (unfortunately) only an hour long and there’s lots included so I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Enjoy~! 

TN: Throughout the episode dansou is translated as ‘boys cosplay’ but this is wrong, cosplay can be a part of dansou, but dansou is essentially drag and dansou-ers are drag kings, but without the gender element necessarily included.