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Importance of the Black Rose Saga and the Nature of Ohtori Academy

So recently I finished watching Utena, and since I’ve been absorbing as many analyses and viewpoints as I can find. There seems to be a very troubling trend of people writing off the Black Rose Saga as filler or unimportant in the long run because it basically ret cons itself in the story. 

Now anyone who knows Utena or Ikuhara’s other works knows that generally everything is important in some way and that nothing is wasted. Needless to say that an arc that makes up a forth of the show is far from filler - it’s vitally important and meant to give us insight into what happens at the very end of the series. 

Analysis and spoilers for ALL of Revolutionary Girl Utena under the cut.

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It is with great chagrin that we herald the return of the catchphrase of the century, here delivered by a non-euclidean chair.

We open with Shiori shifting her personal narrative.  If she can’t be the most powerful, she might succeed at becoming the most abject.   She’s winning, either way.

Or maybe she’s just really upset, because she was given everything she wanted and it all got taken away from her.  The worst thing to imagine - that none of this is a show, that none of it is manipulative, because there’s nobody in the audience can give her what he did.   Poor little storm at sea.

Utena notices that someone is hurting and wants to fix it.  She goes to Juri and asks for help.  Juri replies with excruciating correctness that it’s not her business and she’s not getting involved.

This would be great, if she meant it.

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The Signs as Iconic Moments from Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Aries: When the cars start popping up in the duelling arena in the Akio Arc and literally no one says anything or reacts to this turn of events.
  • Taurus: That one scene in 'Unfulfilled Juri' where Anthy is alone in the classroom singing something about rabbits because why not.
  • Gemini: The Shadow Girls appearing in the flesh in episode 34 which is then never acknowledged or spoken of ever again.
  • Cancer: 'Your ball?' 'My ball.'
  • Virgo: Anthy drinking the milkshakes in Kozue's duel.
  • Libra: Anthy is apparently marrying Miki and Kozue's dad because fuck you that's why.
  • Scorpio: That one scene where Saionji is also posing on the Akio Car with Touga for like literally no fucking reason.
  • Sagittarius: Touga not only punching a kangaroo in the face but also having the boxing gloves and shorts already prepared.
  • Capricorn: Saionji's frilly yellow apron in "Nanami's Egg."
  • Aquarius: Utena saying she wants to use the Power to Revolutionize the World to pass her finals.
  • Pisces: The part where Nanami has somehow procured a dress that can dissolve when exposed to liquid and no one has any problem with this fact.

We begin in Akio Car.  The Sunlit Garden is playing on the radio, which is not a good omen for poor Miki.

Akio, alarmed by Anthy’s fitful gestures toward independence, has decided that she must be attached to another duelist as soon as possible (or so he tells Touga.)  To that end, it’s time to round up the usual suspects, in the usual order, and take them for a ride in his car.

The action proper begins with Kozue clinging to a wall.   She is risking her life to save some baby birds.   She does so successfully, but falls off the building in the process, leading to a sprained ankle and a lot of dudgeon on Miki’s part.   He carries her to their weirdly palatial dorm, where the birdcage from Miki’s fairytale flashback is clogging up the frame.  The Myna has gone missing.

Anthy knows all about how to raise baby chicks, despite never having raised one herself.  Utena notes that Anthy’s unusually articulate, now that we’re on to one of her pet subjects.  This brings to mind the ballroom scene from episode three, and social cues surrounding food preparation, and a number of other little moments, and makes me think that if if I saw a tumblr called autistic-himemiya-anthy I might subscribe to its newsletter.

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Why I shouldn't try to explain Utena to people
  • Me: ... and she seems to be the only one who doesn't want to ride in Akio's sex car.
  • Them: ... Sex car.
  • Me: It's a metaphorical sex car?
  • Them:
  • Me: No, really, it's pretty tasteful, they don't show anything. People just ride in the car and then their shirts fly open because the car is a metaphor. For sex.

THE TRASH PRINCES IN THEIR TINY GARBAGE CAR ✨🗑👑🚯 love being these assholes, prob my favorite part of Sakuracon it was so fun and ridiculous 😂😂😂😂 Akio is and the car by @austinkilley Touga is @zaxel Lettuce man is me

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Hot Rod Heart: Symbolism in Utena

Since I’m not one of those people that talks about substantial topics, here I’ll write about something really strange and obscure: symbolism in anime. Not just any anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena. And not just any symbolism, let’s talk about Akio’s car. That’s right, Akio’s fucking car.

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