WOOOOOO! Check out Akinwale and Cordner Carson in the background! - CrossFit Games - North Central Region.

Elisabeth Akinwale was the only woman to finish Event 4 in the North Central Region (23:17). What was the hardest part for her?

“Honestly, nothing.” - Elisabeth Akinwale << BOSS answer!

Them Thighs Though

I just read a term that is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever encountered. “Thigh-gap prejudice.” It’s becoming abundantly clear to me that things are quickly spiraling out of control. I’m sort of disappointed in myself for even acknowledging “thigh-gap” as an actual thing to be addressed.


You feeling that electricity in the air? #squatcleanladder #CrossFiGirls #CrossFit #CrossFitGames #akinwale #WOD #GetSome (at 2014 CrossFit Games)


Seriously. This woman is amazing. #akinwale #beastmode #superhero

Elisabeth Akinwale (@eakinwale) strolled to a victory in Soccer Chipper. Akinwale, 36, flipped a 395-lb. Pig 100 ft., completed four legless rope climbs, completed an unbroken 100-foot handstand walk and rolled to the finishing pad in 8:40.94. #CrossFitGames #CrossFitGirls | Photo: @tairandall


Watching the Crossfit games and HOT DAMN Elisabeth Akinwale and Brooke Ence. So creaking fit and athletic. And insane that Brooke is the same age as me😳😳. Huge inspirations