I’d just like to take a moment to say that this boy is wonderful. I usually look down on sappy couples, but I waited a while to get the chance to say this to everyone (even though everyone already knew how I felt). But now I get to officially tell people how fantastic he is, and how happy I am that he’s mine - you know, without being creepy and possessive.

Anyway, so that’s that. He wonderful, and he’s mine, and I’m his, and we’re both really happy about that.

/sappy relationship post

Can I just say that this was the greatest reaction yet? Cara just mentions, oh cause now you have a boyfriend, and Chelsea is like, what, and I go, yeah Evan and I are going out.

“FINALLY! I feel like I’ve been watching water boil.”

I laughed as loud as Sarah Deal in the middle of East.

Okay, sorry, this just made my day, and I really had to share it with y'all.