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I honestly started tearing up when I made this, it just made me realize how everybody in akb48 grew up together and watched each other become adults, but only in the end they have to watch their friend leave and split paths. they truly loved each other in a way that nobody else can understand. I hope you guys enjoyed this lol. the only ship we have left is Mayuki… :(


“Went to the opening reception of TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE 2018. RAINBOW WEEK has begun. I’m wishing each and everyone can live on respecting themselves and being true to themselves. All love is equal. I myself will support you. I want to understand [the topic] more, I want to study more! I’m also looking forward to the parade.

#tokyorainbowpride #LGBT” (x)

Sayaka’s reply to her own tweet: “It’s LGBTQ, right. I learnt it today. I’m sorry.” (x)

Note: Here’s your daily reminder why and how much I love Sayaka. She continues to support the LGBTQ minorities, although it can’t be easy in the context of Japan. She studies the topic and is open to learning and improving herself, and not afraid of admitting she doesn’t know everything yet. The best kami oshi I could ask for!

AKBINGO! ep120 - Previous Worst 3 getting trolled (Sayaka, Sae, Takamina)

Probably some of the most hilarious bits to watch throughout this episode. Poor Takamina and the Twin Towers are already seen as the unlucky set. Quite unfortunate that Sayaka and Takamina actually did end up in the worst 3 again that year.

My gosh Yuko trolling the three and Mariko-sama claiming she’s higher than them. Ue kara Mariko indeed. I just luv the three’s reactions. XDD

I’m most likely gonna put together all of Sayaka, Sae and Takamina’s moments from the 2010 and 2011 lucky girl rankings and post it up later. Their reactions are just too funny.