akiko nishizawa

more bnha ocs bc i am unstoppable ;; 

Akiko Nishizawa is a 1st year General Studies student! She’s very dramatic and loud, loves to chat and read romance books! She has no eyes or human ears, therefore she’s very dependant on her quirk: Echolocation! She can emit sound waves to map out a room and find objects. 

Tomoko Deshimaru is a 1st year General Studies student who moves into Support in her 2nd year! She’s quiet but not shy, she’s actually rather sassy! She loves learning and reading, which fits in with her quirk: Decipher! She can decipher any book/text just by touching it, absorbing the knowledge within. Therefore, she can have knowledge on almost any subject and topic and be able to recall it perfectly!

Min-Jun Tae is a Korean 3rd year Heroics student. He’s pretty blunt and constantly tired so can come off as mean, but he means well. He’s a very driven and hard-working student, his ambition coming from his mother’s support. His quirk, Sleeping Gas, allows him to breathe out a green gas which makes others fall asleep! The further the gas spreads, the weaker the effect!