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Fantasy on Ice 2017 opening!

Calling Yuzuru Hanyu to come out
Nobunari Oda, Akiko Suzuki, Miki Ando, and co.
Calling Yuzuru Hanyu to come out

Nobunari: YUZUUUU~~~~~

*camera refocuses to capture a wild Yuzu in action*

*Yuzu proceeds to show-off his famous pistol pose (lunge) across ice*

While interviewer proceeds to fanboy: SUGOI! SUGOI!
As Yuzu’s ice sempais cheer him on. 

Interviewer: Waa~~~~ *laughs and jumps up and down* KIMASHITA! KIMASHITA! (He has come! He has come!)

Note: the little low ‘ehe’ laugh at the end is Yuzu’s =]
(clearly he is satisfied with the interviewer’s reaction)


(he represents all of us)


Nice nice. Miki Ando’s part is my favorite. 💕


as much as I like Senpai!Yuzuru, I really enjoy it when his Senpais are taking the mickey out of him [x] especially when it’s as random as this

The Original Goggle Pink!

Miki Momozono a.k.a. Goggle Pink is one of the most beloved characters from 1982′s Dai Sentai Goggle-V.  She was played to amazing perfection by the young Megumi Ogawa.

However, she was not the first choice to play Miki!  Originally, the producers had cast an actress named Akiko Hayasaka to fill the role of Goggle Pink.

However, it was decided that as Miki was supposed to be a 16 year old that their first choice looked too old to play the part and it was recast.  As you can see above, there are some pictures of her in costume. There is also one of her with the rest of the cast.